Ableton Live Tutorial – Setting up Macro Controls for Effects

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Close In this video Jonny Miller (Jus’Listen/Sonarpilot Audio) demonstrates how to group an effects chain and assign your preferred parameters to a macro control. He is using samples and loops from the Jack Sparrow Deep Dubstep Progressions Pack For more Ableton Live tutorials head to Please subscribe to our channel to make sure you don’t miss future exclusive tutorials from Point Blank Online school.


AidenMacleodMusic says:

want to be a professional Dubstep Producer–Use what the Pros do: ABLETON!!!

MarlonTeVrede says:

Thanks man!

evil999 says:

HD these tuts plzzzz!!!

comeplague says:

Thank you!:)

Colin Smith says:

well its not really like that so much as it is in fruity loops. Its inside every clip slot on the grid. You just need to select the clip you want to record on and make sure the “clip view” under the grid is “on” instead of the “instrument view” being “on” when the whole track is selected. Selecting i guess is just clicking or hitting the coresponding buttons on an apc40 or something, if you just double click on a clip it will come up but you know I bet you already figured it out

comeplague says:

how do you open pianoroll?

Rob van Hees says:

Again, fine tutorial, thanx so much for the effort Johnny, we love you !

marcmeup1 says:

great tutorial Johnny! 😀

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