Ableton Live Tutorial: Deconstructing Todd Terje – Inspector Norse (EMC²)

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One of last year’s big hits, Todd Terje’s Inspector Norse, gets the deconstruction treatment. Click here for more info on EMC² : Point Blank is based in London, the home of electronic music, and has been voted ‘Best Music Production and DJ School’ by DJ Mag. You can learn Ableton Live or Logic Pro via our online courses or in our state-of-the-art studios in Hoxton.


skioakenfull says:

You have a point.. it could be. But would you say that a song in G, using the scale of G Minor Dorian mode was actually in F Major?

tedthemusician says:

It’s in G minor. It’s not that complicated.

Bartek Białkowski says:

THX!!! skioakenfull 

skioakenfull says:

‘Illuminations’ by Ski Oakenfull ! Out on Primaudial Records

William Tobias says:

Hey Ski! any chance of sharing the analog sounds you made on your site?
They sound great

Bartek Białkowski says:

please first a few secunds track id nice tune!!!music in the background

Zach Yoga says:

He said he used Analog.

Daniel Grozier says:

Mad bastard,did deephouse year or more ago,get $ coin passed wife,I’ll annoy the gov again.anyone else yes very good feedback,have posted/labled the track we finished on my page

Disco Machine says:

What did you use for the rhodes sound? Thanks

DaftMowgli says:

Ski you should have a go at Manix! – Feel Real Good.. Absolute classic piano riff

sheatheman says:

An “F6” is just an inverted Dmin7, but kudos for not getting into inversion theory here I guess…

pointblankonline says:

Yes indeed, Ski is the tutor/developer for EMC2.

Daniel Grozier says:

that was a mad tut mate,can pinch heaps of goodness out of it.Are you the tutor for EMC 2?

skioakenfull says:

I’m using the transport buttons on the Novation Impulse 61 which is working as a control surface for Ableton

Airon Manuel says:

what the hell is doing to stop and play the track and metronome ? did anyone catch him using piano keys ?

Max Bhugra-Schmid says:

deconstruct ‘Lady Science (NYC Sunrise) - Soul Capsule’ next

skioakenfull says:

Hi there… It could be but I suspect the lead line was played in… later on in the track there are some lovely fast arpeggio runs that I’m sure were created using the Arp’s arpeggiator though..

TheShubelo says:

Anyone got an idea?

MegaDabo says:


wasonnnn says:

I will save me some money to buy the courses!

fitforsoccer000 says:

Wow. That is fascinating and makes sense now.

TheShubelo says:

could the lead or some of it be an arpeggiator in work seen as he used the ARP2600?

Marco Rohon O'Halloran says:

Is there a good way to learn notation? Any good theory books? Thanks

skioakenfull says:

you’re not the first person to mention this.. we will try to prioritise it for this video.. make a part 2. thanks for bringing it to our attention.

skioakenfull says:

Interesting isn’t it? My explanation is that even though we are working in an F mixolydian scale, it leans towards a resolution of G minor (the rel. minor of Bb)… but for the middle section it goes to the G major instead which facilitates a temporary modulation to C minor, with the G maj becoming the V chord (Dominant)… C minor dorian scale obviously contains the same notes as Bb major which makes it a close key to G minor. I think modes can be confusing especially when defining Key sigs!

fitforsoccer000 says:

How did G Major get in there? B natural isn’t part of the F mix/ B flat scale.Is there a theory explanation to make sense of this. Btw, this is really well-demonstrated. I like seeing song breakdowns.

wasupthere says:

wicked ! thanks

dockta403 says:

you should touch quickly on the synthesis of these sounds

Danyosorapnificent says:


skioakenfull says:

cheers! type ‘vmpk’ into google and you’ll find it

snowz121 says:

Another top vid Ski! Where can I get the on screen keyboard your using?

Elopestate says:

Could you explain how did you made those basses and synths? I’m actually more interested in those sounds than keys and exact chords!

Or at least show their values (filter, amp, osc…), especially on that synth at 4:30.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

ayolewistv says:

Do Koreless -away please. Great vids by the way.

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