Ableton Live Tutorial – Arpeggiator Percussion Trick

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Close In this video Jonny Miller (Jus’Listen/Sonarpilot Audio) demonstrates a useful technique to create interesting percussion patterns by using the arpeggiator in Ableton Live. This tutorial is taken from the Ableton Live Production course **Due to popular demand we have scheduled a May 30th start date for the Ableton Live Production Course. Anyone who enrols before the end of May 2011 could win a free remix of your track from one of our team of Pro Producers!! Get in touch with a course advisor on +44 (0) 20 7729 4884 or for more info.** Please subscribe to our channel to make sure you don’t miss future exclusive tutorials from Point Blank Online school.


boooshman says:

Very simple trick, but very very good to know!

djstory says:

This is killer!

ThePellerhead says:


djariell10 says:


ProjectAvatarMusic says:

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StateofMotion81 says:

Can someone please help me just purchased ableton 8 I cant drop any of my presets into session view or any view it keeps saying preset broken would be so grateful for your help!

acid8eats says:

What a tip, i’ve been looking at trying to become more creative with my percussion tracks. Cheers Man !!

marywinmusic says:

Very helpful. I have never picked up a drumstick but I’ve gotten by “playing drums” on my mpk49… This will make things sound a little less simple and a wee bit fuller, thank you so much!

dzole201 says:

OMg this is sick hah ive been using ableton for long time and didnt know this thanks man keep up the good work

Igor Sitchko says:


Dennis Teo says:

love you man! 😀

fatalist6o9 says:


middleman101 says:


DjPuzzle73 says:

great for House. Nice one fella!

Run E says:


engl4ndd says:

so how do actually set this up?

Killparispaige says:

great great great!!!!

StrafingMoose says:

Nice trick man. People like you make the internet an epic win.

LDNsoundproduction says:

sick tip!

Tom Mason says:

Awesome lateral approach to drum programming. Nice one!

tylerblue1984 says:


fedcba12228fABC says:

simple as hell but good as f***k

pointblankonline says:

Thanks for all the positive comments everyone. You can really experiment and create some crazy percussion patterns with this one. Have fun with it!

Simon Frankland says:

I love it, cool shit mate. Good tutorial, good idea, keep it up.

Funkmastabuzz says:

What is this “quantize auto filter” treat; you speak of???? but do not share

don flores says:

you could totally use this with drum racks and utilize all 127 blocks of samples to get crazy even random results.

Funkmastabuzz says:

LOVE IT !!!!!!! Seems so obvious now as it only trigggers MIDI any MIDI can be triggered why did`nt I think of that ??????????

Tr0ll321 says:

i would never think of trying this out, this is really good 😀

Xo1ot1 says:

nice one, thanks

vanCroon says:

Really cool idea! Seriously good! Probs on this one!

innercitynetworks says:

Wicked idea!

funkmonkey06 says:



djntwelveinch says:

very good, this is why i love ableton live,.ive been using it since version 5, i even had a demo copy of v1, but every time you think you no every thing there’s always something else,., last trick i learnt was quantize auto filter, and today this ,..

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