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one8becomes2zeros says:

Thanks, Simple and straightforward! Cheers

tehdess says:

thanks alot for this video!

tonvibration says:

nice sum up of the clip launch modes and the different possibilities!

115breno says:

@Deafcon8989 the clips start when a bar starts and stop when a bar stops,
its made like that so its easier to keep things in time. if what you mean
is there starting and stopping after a bunch of bars then you have changed
the settings

aidanpoulter says:

And just FYI I own ableton 8 not the suite with max for live, which I know
can make this stuff more do-able. Just costly for me right now. Thanks

aidanpoulter says:

Thanks for the video. I was just wondering if you know why audio clips
keymapped to the same keys as locators in video, for launching sections of
video rythymically/ VJing for fun, would not launch the clips on time with
the video sections. Also, if you do know about that stuff, can I record the
VJing as a full screen video project. Thanks. Aidan.

Modqhx says:

Hey, nice video.. One doubt, please helpp! How are you able to play only
one clip in a scene?? I mean when you press the clip play button, the whole
scene/lane of that clip plays.. What to do?

Nick Costa says:

Did you or did you not toke a bowl before this video??

ElusiveHermit says:

he toked a smoke!!

Taliesinandrei says:

Exactly what I was looking for, thanks!!

Oliver StJohn Mollusc says:

Can u show me to roll a blunt?

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