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Mike Goudreau says:

I'm very proud of writing my first song ever and my first session of live jam recording and mixing of 23 cover song and so far a fairly good response .Still lots to learn but step in the right direction thanks' to you

DrM Studio says:

Music related: I am developing a method that works for me regarding song creation. I have written the most songs ever in the year 2018 than any previous year. That is what I am most proud of, in the music realm.

Prismatic Signal says:

The war is over.cool šŸ˜€

Frank Perreault says:

I just finished my 2nd EP for 2018. Additionally, my singing is much better and so are my mixing/mastering abilities. I'm always on that constant road to learn new things and get better at the things that I do know. Next is learning fingerstyle guitar playing.

Bo Davis says:

I'm playing lead guitar in an awesome band at my local church after only one year of ever playing electric guitar and surprisingly honing my skills above what I ever expected. Also, I have put together a nice home studio and recording original music from my own home. After 8 months starting from scratch, I've made very impressive progress in recording and mixing thanks to great people like Joe who share their wisdom and knowledge with others. I've done this while working a full time job being a single dad raising three amazing kids which I'm most thankful for šŸ™‚

Luis Hernandez says:

got my room set up upgraded… made three acoustic panels and hung em up and added a room correction plugin to the mix as well…and bought mastering courses and have improved the frequency balance in my mixes tremendously ! šŸ™‚

FiddlerSteve says:

Beat esophageal cancer. Also learned how to record/mix/master in Studio One (much credit to this channel; thanks Joe!) and recorded 1st home-produced CD of Scottish dance music (fiddle/piano) that's a tribute to a musician/dancer friend who passed away after a long fight with cancer earlier this year–just before I was diagnosed. The album uses a bunch of original tunes I'd written over the last 15 or so years, most of which I hadn't been confident were good enough and set aside, but looking for material realized they weren't horrible!

Abie Hersh says:

Getting started in music production despite a few pitfalls, something I've thought about since I was 10. I'm 17 and I've never felt better working on the thing I love.

jalapainyo says:

Befriended and mentored a co-worker 1/2 my age.

Grant Kennedy says:

I released an EP this year and have been writing some cool new music, but honestly the big win is that writing the music has really helped to improve my mental health this year

Jordan says:

I finished 3 albums this year for 3 different artists, and they were the best I've produced/mixed thus far.

David Larcher says:

I have the same habit. That's cool. I'm proud of helping out a women who just got out of an abusive relationship. She and her young son needed food and I have a lot of meat from hunting this year. So I filled a box full and I also picked up some veggies and fruit and delivered it to her plus some money.

Brian Wechtenhiser says:

I'm proud that my preparation allowed me to retire 6-years earlier than I had planned. I was thrown a curve ball in January when my employer had to let me go after 21+ years of loyal service because they'd run out of contracts. I believe God has plans for this new season of my life and I'm excited.

Aaron Murphy says:

Joe, Iā€™m proud of the fact that I have had 2 clients completely trust me to produce their projects this year. My clients usually just want me to record and mix their work. But I have had 2 singer/songwriters hire me to produce, record and mix their music. I feel that the added work of doing the production; whether it is arranging, playing on their songs, or hiring and directing session talent (and Iā€™m doing all three) has helped me to grow in this craft. BTW, I have learned many production elements from you, so thank you for doing what you do!

Michael Gillam says:

Having never won anything in my life…. I won a $100 gift card for filling out a short survey. Thx Joe!

rayweyland says:

After over 10 years with our local Songwriters Assn (and decades of writing), I've finally signed-up to be the "talent" in our monthly video shoot. Mostly, I've been behind the camera. This will be the first time in FRONT of the camera. 'Course, I'm scared as hell. But, it will be good!

heavymetalmixer91 says:

I've been having a big change in personality: For the most part I stopped overthinking things and started doing many things for the sake of others, even if I get hurt or look like a clown.

I feel like I'm finally focusing on the important things in life and it brings me peace of mind.

Joel Cruz says:

Finished mixing, producing, and mastering my first album for somebody else. Been working on my own music the last couple years and glad I get to work on other's music. Currently producing and mixing an EP for a friend which I'm excited about.

Joshua Davison says:

I got massively better at mixing by (surprise) just mixing a ton more than I ever have before.

Will Ramos says:

Im 42 and restarted my home studio again after stopping when I was 35 so im glad i on it again. By the way i have learn tons of things with your videos thank you.

Garian Leighton-Anderson says:

I graduated from Auckland university of technology this year!

Joel Glaser says:

It's been another year of nice growth for my live audio/lighting production business.

And in a week I'll possibly have purchased a (fairly) large building where I plan to house all my audio and lighting equipment with more than enough room to have an office, a work area (for equipment repair) and be able to setup all equipment so I can test and program light scenes (among other things), indoor storage for my box truck, pickup and trailer. No more loading/unloading equipment in the nasty weather.

I'll also be able to set up my recording studio with enough room to record a full band. Pretty exciting!!

2019 is gonna be awesome!!!

Jimmie Farmer says:

A song I wrote and recorded earlier this year was chosen to appear on a compilation CD, and is streaming on Spotify etc. My band just played it live for the first time at a show this past Wednesday evening. I'm pretty proud of that!

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