A Simple Trick To Memorize Chords | Music Theory Workshop – Part 7

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Music Theory Masterclass: https://g.guitarzoom.com/hl1


Bryan McDonald says:

I’m learning so much from these videos Steve Thank you man. Rock on

Basil Keen says:

Very true about writing it down. It reinforces into your mind. Great stuff

Timmy Spencer says:

Thanks gentlemen. Always fun to watch.

Chris Pritchett says:

hello from carbondale il from chris pritchett

Supperconductor says:

Mind blown. This was awesome, thanks.

roland mengedoth says:

Never heard it this way. Great way to unterstand very quickly and to create the minor and dimished cords from the reference Major Cords. What about the augmented cords? Is it just to sharp the fifth ?

Ldy Della says:

Thank you Steve and Dan. The order of these videos makes Basic Guitar Theory a breeze to learn. I always come back to your lessons because no one else does them in such an easily digestible way.

prnzl das says:

You are the best Steve

Don Vape says:

Great idea to learn the major chords then go to minor or diminished. Now I have a basis for learning.

Jim ford says:

Dan your opening statement is "I don't know what Steve is going to talk about" So why are you even in the presentation. All I have seen you do, is interrupt the flow away from Steve and most of the time what you have to say isn't even related to what Steve is trying to get across, you go on a rabbit trail about you and what you think, and alot of the time it is down grading the presentation. Just think about it. your feelings about theory isn't important, we are interested in learning what theory can aid us in becoming the guitar player we want to be regardless if you personally like it or not.

Dave Covert says:

I have been a fan of Steve's for a long time and get a lot out of his lessons, however I would prefer to see lessons with just Steve, to much idle talking in this format, just one old mans opinion!

Jerry Crow says:

Hi Steve: Re streamed live 4/20. I really appreciate your philanthropy.

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