A Beginner’s Guide to Mixing Metal at Home – Episode 3 pt. 1 (Guitars)

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In this episode I attempt to cover mixing guitars. Everyone into metal has an opinion on guitars, it’s probably the hardest thing to write a tutorial on as there’s just so many possibilities. So rather than simply show you “use these settings” to get ‘my’ sound, I’ve tried to explain what thought processes and preparation you need to go through to make sure the sound you want or create will work well when the rest of the band is also playing. I have a more in depth video on creating a specific heavy sound with presets so you can copy the sound here: youtu.be Useful Links: Impulses/Convolution Reverb: en.wikipedia.org Alain Lepou Free VSTs- lepouplugins.blogspot.com Voxengo Boogex – www.voxengo.com Welcome to my new series on mixing heavy metal using your DAW or home computer. When I was looking online for a lot of this information I often came across a very unhelpful answer to reasonable questions – Q: “how should I eq my kick?” A: “There’s no set template for EQ you fool, every project is different. Whilst these ‘experts’ are fundamentally correct, it doesn’t help the person who has no idea where to begin. My settings and my methods won’t work for everyone, but at least if you have an understanding of how I go about things then it will help you to find a good starting point for your own stuff. Episode 1: Drums Episode 2: Bass. Episode 3: Guitars (2 parts) Episode 4 will follow soon and cover vocals I own all rights to the music used in this series.


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