Clips of DJ Pain 1 w/ !llMind at Level Up discussing branding and social media marketing for independent artists, producers, rappers, managers… http://www….
Solar 2 is a Detroit-based company that specializes in custom constructions for recording studios, including furniture and acoustic treatment. This panel is a combination absorber/diffuser.
Best known for his production on ILoveMakonnen “Tuesday” featuring Drake, Future’s single “Same Damn Time”, and 2 Chainz’s “Birthday Song” featuring Kanye West, Producer and rapper Sonny Digital joins Dave and Herb on the 214th episode of Pensado’s Place. Get your copy of The Pensado Papers: Subscribe to our channel! Please ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’!
More How to mix music in your home studio is what the music production course is designed to teach you. ***Get started for FREE with this video training course on how to mix music!
Here’s a comprehensive introduction into More Feedback Machine our Delay Heaven. Dan Worrall explains the plug-in’s structure and gives eye-opening examples …
The Auratone Studio is a formidable recording and mixing environment. It lives in a huge converted barn spread across two light-filled and spacious floors. The main recording room is located at ground level, with adjoining recreation room and kitchen area. The mixing room is on the upper floor. At the heart of the studio is a spacious control room centred round a pristine Harrison 4032 B original vintage 1977 Console (MJ, ABBA, Sade and many more), recently refurbished by Nenad Dragicevic. It is joined by a great selection of monitors: Dangerous Monitor ST, B&W 802, Urei 809, Yamaha NS10M and [More]
I’ve finally got it done! I went into my producer-studio & performed the FINAL Mix-Master of my January Song. A Challenge was issued by Graham Cochraine of The RecordingRevolution to his subscribers for the “One Month, One Song Challenge”. To produce & digitally market a New Song within this month & before the End of January 2016. Looks like Im gonna make it.
In this promptu video I take a look at Logic Pro X (10) that was just released today!
Hey guys, this is a quick way to control any plug-in or synth within logic with you MIDI Controller. 1. Basically hit apple + L on your keyboard – this brings up the Controller Assignment Window. 2. Click on the parameter you want to control. 3. Move a knob or fader on your MIDI controller 4. Click Learn Mode in the bottom right hand corner of the Controller Assignment Window. If you have any question or would like me to post a video on a certain topic please comment, rate, or subscribe. You can check out for other great [More] // A video on compression attack time and the ways it can vary between different compressor plugins. More compression tutorials: