8 Things I've Learned From 7 Years In Music Marketing

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Damn has it been 7 years already?

In this video I talk about everything I wish I’d known early in my career in the music industry.

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IAMDEX says:

like 3 years ago i saw one

John Wolfe says:

never read a music blog

placestotravelto says:

i don't like going to festivals ngl

Anon Music says:

Ur right about capaldi, silliness is a talking point and vulnerability and honesty is often loved

Anon Music says:

Hey guys could u please subscribe to me, Anon Music, here’s my song (musical) hustler’s ambition https://youtu.be/re-a6gbq0_M


dpbrinkm says:

love the content but it would be nice if you had a good mic to make the sound better.

Mercado Love says:

this audio quality turns me off. a cheap mic would be so beneficial.

R .K says:

7 yrs. is long time? Try 26 yrs…

Mamoune Taleb says:

Was the song at the end an instrumental of a Pale Waves song ??

Teddyrobz says:

Big thanks! You guys are my favorite channel on this subject. One question I haven't seen answered on your channel yet is "Should you be looking for a label, or should you stay independent?" I'd love to hear you guys' thoughts on it!

Bastardz Alley says:

IDK about the partyin bit, the most successful artists have been party animals… nobody u named is bigger than prince & he partied his ass off, and when u talk about hiphop (the biggest music genre of all time) we take the party wherever we go… there's clips of tupac (another artist bigger than everybody u mentioned) doin the most in the studio, but at the same time he's makin professional material & bein professional by submittin those masters on time… 99.99% of the "artists" who agree wit u are nowhere near that level, and damn-sure nowhere near A-list… shit, not even C-list… i mean, there's comments like: "partyin doesn't get the job done"… oh yeah??? how do u explain all of those coke-sniffin professionals in hollywood? shit, ray charles was a dope addict (heroin)… but who here (no matter how sober & alert) can match ray charles? there's so many examples i can use to prove u wrong, itz crazy u actually said that bullshit… i'm almost offended, but the comments are the absolute worst… this kinda logic only works on those who don't kno better & have low self-esteem, itz like ur feedin off the ppl's ignorance & insecurities… u mean to tell me ozzie ozborne wasn't a party animal? or gene simmons? or rick james? whitney houston was smokin crack for cryin out loud & i'm willin to bet u dollars to donuts not 1 single person here can match her voice, that's a fool's bet & u kno it… i'm not advocatin drug use here, i'm just sayin that u can't prove what u said… u actually lied to all of us just now, SMH… this is music, itz not a sport… this isn't boxin or basketball, ppl can do this as long as they're not disabled… since when did the music business become rated PG?

Sylvain Picard says:

Great stuff, Alex! Thanks. Here are the 8 things listed

1. the music industry is always a few steps behind—i.e., influencer marketing.

2. keep it professional—wait to party; go home and work on our craft.

3. it takes years to break an artist-some stories start five years before the artist’s break.

4. artists need to be more raw on social media
5. you don’t need connections to break as an artist—build a following—add value to your audience
6. the truly influential people in the music industry are—not cool!—kind of nerdy; they know about technology, marketing. It’s not about being cool, it’s about adding value to the music industry: what skills have you researched?

7. trying to look like a big established artist is a mistake. Make sure you can sell out venues in your local area first.

8. In the music industry, the numbers are inflated.

Monty Xon says:

please put some acoustic panels up in your room it would sound so much cleaner

Busy Official says:


Ra says:

Love your work! Request; please could you acoustically treat your room and/or use a closer mic? I found the room sound a bit distracting. Thanks

Mr T says:

thanks for the vid. can you improve your recording quality? it's a bit "roomy"?

Yk Sin says:

Loving all your recent content. I have the talent but next to zero knowledge of marketing so this really helps. My latest release is Incredible but I'm struggling to give it wings.

deedeecobain says:

I used to avidly read music blogs almost every day from about 2009 till about 2014. Since then, I haven't bothered unless a cool article is shared on Facebook.

___ Wishlake says:

Damn, sir. That was pretty cool to hear on the monday morning 🙂

Nando Griffiths says:

Great information. Thanks you

Ace Sparks says:

The videos from this channel have made me open up my eyes: it's not just putting out your music and wait until something happens, it's hard work. Thanks for all of these videos!

Pavel Iakovlev says:

Great video, as always in Burstimo! Thank you so much! Actually, already heard you speak about "not partying" after the show. I did this mistake numerous times last year when doing my first shows. This year one of my goals is to follow this advise! It will sound ridiculous, but i have a show booked in March and i cant wait to not party after and leave earlier hahahaha. And its totally true, waking up early next day and going straight to work again just feels so damn good and inspiring.

bookieplow says:

Just found out about your podcast. Would be great with more detailed episode descriptions with the names of the people you interview.

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