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In this lesson of learn free music theory, I cover a HUGE video on rhythm.

I cover, rest grouping, completing bars, and a further explination of time signatures and S & W beats.

I hope you find this very useful!

Remember to visit: http://www.howtoplaypiano.ca


Kate Lloyd says:

Just discovered your lessons. I’ve been playing the piano for years but completely self taught. I have a basic understanding of theory. Your lessons are great and I’m learning so much. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

캐시 캐스퍼Cassie Casper says:

I commented before but I have to comment again, I love these lessons! I never understood these concepts before, and even though I'm struggling with each episode at first, once I move on to the next lesson, the way you describe things just makes the previous lesson click! So grateful for this series.

Aysegul says:

this is so difficultttttt :'((((((((

lisa lin says:

thanks so much for teaching us learning piano and i really enjoy it!

L・ルリン says:

I have watching this video twice,and I gonna watch it again and again as I found that Music theory is not boring…this video really helpful . I will keep on watching your video.

sachin B S says:

Can a weak beat and medium beat combine when there is a note? I mean in 4/4 TS can 2nd beat(w) and 3rd beat(m) have a single half note?
Thanks for the help in advance…

inti gonzalez says:

Aw ur so adorable
Makes learning easy lol

Jackyys_ says:

I understand your technique and teaching style thanks:)

Van Santos says:

I know this video is 7 years old or more, but for me these are brand new. I’ve always wanted to learn music (probably for over 20 years), but I would always get frustrated and quit. You’re the best instructor I’ve had. Thanks for being patient and explaining things in such a clear way even for beginners like me.

Keith Harrison says:

Where have you been hiding all this time? I have been wanting to brush up on the little I knew and expand on that. You have an amazing personality that makes these lessons fantastic. Your explanation is brilliantly understood.

callmecara says:

anyone out there watching this right now?? how do i check my homework's right?? i think i understand some of this lesson (and at least one rewatching of this vid is in my immediate future!!), but i don't want to practice it all wrong

dilia herrarte says:

You should still make more videos.

BlazeBytes says:

i only just understood at 15:40 how the whole rest thing worked

Sampi says:

I have been playing guitar for a while now and I'm super into progressive music so this was kind of easy for me to grasp, your explaining was perfect and yes, these videos are still helping people, thank you very much!

Clarissa Fray says:

WOW I understood everything and completed the exercises without a mistake so I'm relieved that you said that this was the hardest part! Also, thank you for these wonderful lessons! definately gonna stick with them.

Jeffery Duffy says:

I can’t see the writing………!

Ryan Tolliver says:

Watching in 2018! Wonderfully explained, I understood all of it. The only thing is that you said 2/2 twice in the homework.

Rolan Ako says:

I laughed more than I should on the half rest you draw… You can not imagine how helpful these videos are, appreciate your work. You are the best.

Halla Kouatli says:

yeah but what differentiates a strong from a medium from a weak beat? Is it a difference in volume or in note duration or both?


I don't know if it's my settings but you are shrunk on my phone.

Nathan Martin says:

At first I didn't get it. But once he got over to the actual examples at 5:00 I understood what he was saying.

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