6 Music Production / Songwriting Tips!

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Hope these helped some of you guys. If so, please give the video a share 🙂

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Danny Figueroa says:

Was expecting something different; however, I appreciated these tips anyways! Thanks.

DeadSeriousOfficial says:

Waiting is tough but quite useful I'm going to incorporate the sleep on it mentality cause I usually finish a song and consider it done and post it but after I hear things small things I could've improved on and learn from it and apply it to the next song. I from now on will sleep on it and come back with fresh ears so I catch the small stuff I miss die to ear fatigue! Thanks for the advice I know my music will improve greatly from this simple but wise advice appreciate it and good luck with the channel and music 🙂

G- eno says:

helpful… you mentioned obvious things which can easily be ignored when producing for hours. cheers!

Kramlets says:

Thanks for the tips!

Sample Text says:

helpful, greetings

Jean-Luc Thomas says:

Lmao, the 5th tip was "don't get distracted", but I only looked up at the video at that point after zoning out into my phone….

Musicwhim says:

Great video!! Visit our channel and watch "Music Production Tips/Advice – Part 1 "
Thank you!!

onpoint1180 says:

OK… what is that screen saver? I need it !!!

arima44 says:

11 pm is like sleepy time!

Shanti Dev says:

These are great tips. I love making music late at night too.

Cellar Door says:

That holding back part is probably super wise.

mudturtlevision says:

Those fresh ears though. Go to bed excited.. wake up.. "What the fuck is this garbage?"

Mr. Cubase says:

Great Tips! Thanks! Me and all of us know it all…But good tip is good for repetition once more…You have clear articulation!

Raz Edits says:

Ah thanks a lot for these tips. I've been using my phone to record myself humming melodies and sleeping between sessions for about a week now and I'm feeling more productive than ever!

Oaken Penance says:

OR! Make sure your distractions are at least productive, i.e., practicing violin scales while listening to a video about songwriting/production tips.


Zeissler Music says:

I just make music at night.

vato gomareli says:

nice video bro, thanks for sharing your mind <3

Chris Rhux says:

i do the humming notes into my phone lol i thought it was weird

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