6 Hacks for Better Bass Lines (Music Theory)

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Want to write the best bass line ever?! Add these 6 music theory hacks & you’ll have super spicy bass lines!
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2:51 Hack 1: Create Strong Melodic Intervals
4:30 Hack 2: Make Motifs
5:42 Hack 3: Add Syncopation
6:46 Hack 4: Add Non-Root Notes
8:07 Hack 5: Add Octaves
9:23 Hack 6: Add Rests
10:36 Final Bass Line

Hack Music Theory is the pioneering notation-free method for making great music that stands out, so you can get discovered! Taught by award-winning music lecturer Ray Harmony and his protégé (and wife) Kate Harmony, from their studio in Vancouver BC, Canada. Ray is the author of critically-acclaimed book series “Hack Music Theory”, and has made music with Serj Tankian (System of a Down), Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine), Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree), Devin Townsend (Strapping Young Lad), Ihsahn (Emperor), Kool Keith (Ultramagnetic MCs), Madchild (Swollen Members), and many more. Kate has the highest grade distinction in Popular Music Theory from the London College of Music, and is the only person on the planet who’s been trained by Ray to teach his Hack Music Theory method! While these Hack Music Theory YouTube lessons teach music theory for producers and DAW users, they are designed to accommodate all music makers (songwriters, guitarists, etc.) and all genres, from Electronic Music to R&B, Pop to Hip-Hop, Reggae to Rock, EDM/Dance to Metal (and yes, we djefinitely Djent!).

►Ray’s music: https://HackMusicTheory.com/Ray
►Kate’s music: https://HackMusicTheory.com/Kate

Music by Revolution Harmony
(c) 2017 Revolution Harmony


Hack Music Theory says:

2:21 Starting Point

2:51 Hack 1: Strong Melodic Intervals

4:30 Hack 2: Make Motifs

5:42 Hack 3: Add Syncopation

6:46 Hack 4: Add Non-Root Notes

8:07 Hack 5: Add Octaves

9:23 Hack 6: Add Rests

10:08 Final Bass Line

VWLZ says:

I guess the joke is that saying "yay" is a motif, and you do it every time you find a motif.

WhimpyPatrol says:

If I didn't know better, I would have thought you were Beethoven reincarnated. Brilliant indeed!

RxshanTV says:

you guys are dope

Myst says:

nice tutorial, glad to found this channel.

Harpazio Music says:

Was great watching the magical transformation

J M says:

what software program is that?

Quan wan says:

So happy to see reaper

andrew wells says:

loving it now

Leah Godson says:

Wow! So well explained; thank you.

Modulation Entertainment says:

What an Amazing video!!! I am applying your tips and our next song sounds way better!!! Thank you!!

MirRL says:

100001 subscriber guys. Keep it up .knowledge is good for people

suicidebag666 says:

Love this. Do you have a video on how to use the Midi Take program? Found the visuals super helpful.

Shane Mau5 says:

great tutorial thanks!

Ricardo Bribiescas says:

What piano program is that???

Louis Browne says:

Graphically love the piano roll thumbnails. Works for you on so many levels. Good job designer!

X S says:

Spinal tumors took me off my feet, and inspired me to record audiobooks to have for the days when I couldn't even hold up an iPad to read. Audiobooks led me to REAPER and voice acting. REAPER inspired me to want to start doing full audio mixing. Mixing led me to revisit my lifelong dream of learning the cello. The desire to learn cello led me to re-learning music theory, which led me here. Soon as I saw that REAPER logo, I knew I was about to get some good info. I'm loving it! Thanks!

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