5 Ways To Learn Music Theory Faster

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Learning music theory can seem like a very difficult task – especially for guitar players! In this video I will share with you five ways you can learn music theory faster.

1. Learn your intervals
2. Write down your questions
3. Learn from multiple sources
4. Teach theory to non-musicians
5. Apply what you learn

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My name is David Wallimann.
I am a guitar teacher, product demonstrator, session player, musician and composer. On this Youtube channel you will find free guitar lessons, music development tips, my music and more. Thanks for watching my videos!


Soviet vape King says:

Hey… dude hope your’ne having a nice day

Ano Nim says:

İntro is like ScatMan

Avi Elkharrat says:

Great video.
The content of which can be applied to any thing! It's really about "how to learn".
This is exactly how i learn a new computer language or concept.

Giorgo De Groof says:

Just what I needed. And all very down to earth too, the way you talk about it. It makes me feel much more in charge of my musical discovery and growth. Thanks!

mobman47 says:

Number 4 is very important. Its kind of like when you have an opinion about something and the other person plays devils advocate to challenge that opinion, it causes you to think more on it. The same applies to teaching something to someone, it insures that you're keeping yourself accurate and if you don't know an answer that you research it.

Greatest Sports Highlights says:

Thanks for this awesome video.!!

Livie Gee says:

Really helpful, been teaching myself guitar now for 2 years and I didn't know where to start with music theory thanks!

AcnupuH4uk says:

Пожалуйста, сделайте кто-нибудь сабы…

Tony Reyes says:


Love the videos. Hope it's ok I left the email there. We appreciate the help…it is really hard to know where to start and this is a great idea.

instrumentenfreak says:

One of my students told me, he wants to learn how to play more musically and how to develop new ideas. But he refuses to learn basic stuff like intervals…

JAFO-PTY says:

what´s go to the 4? go to the IV chord?

Kevin Goeltz says:

I like teaching music theory to people in whatever way I can.

cycling maven says:

looking forward to the university level course when released

Brandon Burch says:

The other day I was playing with a major scale and trying to convert it to minor. I was looking online and found the intervals for it. It all of a sudden clicked for me what those numbers meant. Now it gives me confidence to keep building on that concept I grasped.

Charlie Pineda says:

Major typo on the video cover brother!!

nagol5178 says:

Dyad video please. Especially when they have hammer on's to notes that are not in key and soloing over those riffs. Dyads kinda like Coheed and Cambria welcome home. Or like A on the 6th string, C# on the 5th string, hammering onto the C.

zzzhuh says:

I liked that comparison you did in the beginning with intervals.

Everyone knows how to speak, and say words before they understand how to SPELL those words. Great video Mr. Wallimann!

Gopesh Rock Channel says:

Hey david, can you do a lesson on rhythm?
I don't understand what rhythm like 1/4 triplet, 1/8 swing..etc means.
That would be awesome if you can explain what they are and how to apply them to write music.
Thanks man!

Omar Brsli says:

for searching purposes : can you give us a few important concepts of music theory , ? thank you

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