5 Songwriting Tips For DUMMIES

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Here are my 5 top tips when attempting to write a song


nisha kumari says:

Amazing zack

dimplechick143 says:

This is extremely helpful! Thanks Zack for the tips!

Yash Jadhav says:

great tips. I'll try those in my production.
Can you make a tutorial about melody writing pls

everything creator says:

Can you suggest the best music production software

Seetal Nag says:

U know what I love the way u sing I simply love your voice

AV SunShine says:

does anyone know what software he is using?

Umaimah Malik says:

I love you Zack knight

Umaimah Malik says:

you are so good

EA Beatz says:

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The Song Foundry says:

Some great tips! Great job.

My Next Guitar says:

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Mainak Deb says:

I just found my beat man, u r really talented.

Sai Gutala says:

That was fantastic- very helpful Thanks a lot!. But to start making the music for the song, what instruments do u think I need? Like speakers, mic, etc…?

Andrew Tufano says:

This is super helpful! Thanks for posting this. I'm in the middle of writing 100 songs in 100 days on my channel and have a few tips of my own if anyone's interested. I’d love to hear anyone else’s personal tips as well.

1. Don't give up on songs too early! In forcing myself to finish a song a day, I've had many songs that I would've trashed halfway through if I didn't set this deadline, and have been pleasantly surprised with all of them. Any finished song is infinitely better than a half finished song that was never finished.
2. Set some constraints! The hardest essays have no prompts. Force yourself to include a certain word or phrase in your lyrics, common or uncommon. Force yourself to write a chorus with only 3 words. Force yourself to use a concept you heard in another song, or to finish a song in a day. Constraints require you to come up with ideas you would have never thought of otherwise and facilitate creativity.
3. And some random "writer's block" tips: try moving things around (switch lines in the chorus, make the first verse the second verse); exercise and eat a small snack (5-10 minute walk and peanuts will do) and come right back to it; ask songwriter friends for advice and opinions, and ALWAYS return the favor!

Let me know if you have any tips, and thanks again for this video!

zara musicia says:

soon will be doing a cover of looking for love cuz your such an good artist and a great role model!! this really helped me write a song all your and snap stories love u zack knight

Justen Harden says:

Dope. Appreciate this vid, man! Killer voice too

neal biswas says:

what a voice you have! Kudos to you.

Drio Fernandes says:

hi guys, let me know what do u think about my songs. please help me to improve. thanks

selena begum says:

omg the quality of it is soo good
zack u did an amazing job

Fahima Sultana says:

you helped me soo much I actually wrote my own song thanks Zack I love you xxx

Sana Rafiq says:

Just love your voice!

Jordan Madsen says:

great tips. keep them coming, man!

Chris MC says:

very helpful.Good job man. Thanks a lot 🙂

Fulux Gaming says:

zack how would you go about remaking a hindi song? +iamzackknight

Jess524 says:

Actually helped more than I thought it would! Thanks xx

Shany Khan says:

They are some brilliant tips i used to try to make it rythmic throughout the songs ive tried writing but just never sounded right to me but i should write it like id say it

Big up to zack lovin your tunes

Aleena H says:

I don't even care about songwriting, I just came here to listen to you lol!

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