#5 Music Theory: Reading sheet music

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A music theory tutorial on how to read sheet music, the names of the clefs, the names of the notes.

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ChrisENT says:

Anybody know where the flash cards online are so I can test myself?

JCDenten557 says:

"yes! I'm glad I'm a boy and I'm glad I'm a good boy. ahh where's my fudge now! No I'm not a boy anymore" love this guy

Madison Reinholtz says:

I'm obsessed with this guy

John Calvin Fuentes says:

Who's watching this in 2020!? so grateful for this guy! Makes learning a lot of fun and not boring, I get more excited and interested in each upcoming lessons, ready to face the challenge! God bless you Mr. Andrew!

Dixshant s says:

How many quarantine people have made it to episode 5?

Владислава Бондарь says:

This guy is so easy to understand. Such a wonderful teacher!

Niklas Kraus says:

I someone gonna tell him about chocolate straberries?

Jolie World says:

I am new beginner here. I think Andrew is great teacher. FAO: I can feel your love for piano n want to inspire others as well.

Massive Dump says:

Professor , i think u just changed me life

Ela E. says:

5th lesson and less than a million viewers. wtf guys??? this guy is giving free lessons that's worth $$$.

spawntohell says:

So went through lessons 1234 (which was a big thing for me after giving up 2 years back on learning; things just did not click even with a teacher trying with a 38years old dinosaur)… some how the pandemic and first videos got me interested again and said heck let me see what this guy wants to show… and result in 3 days of videos i got further that i would thought possible (after everyone around me give up on me in terms of music play)… and then lesson 5 came along… revelation of simplicity and breakthrough. You really need to be proud @Andrew …

Barbara Rolen says:

One week and love Andrew's teaching

Nugget says:

Every video the views are half of the one before it. So sad
Rip the 24 Mill

Jane Everywoman says:

“Every Glorious Body Deserves Fun”

It’s 2020 for Susan’s sake!

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