5 Easy Ways to Use and Write with Diminished Chords [MUSIC THEORY – CHORD PROGRESSIONS]

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IMPORTANT! READ! Diminished chords come in two main flavors- diminshed seventh (aka full diminished) and half diminished (aka m7b5). In this video I exclusively use FULL diminished chords, but nearly every example can be used with a half diminished as well, to varying degrees of success.

It is also important to note that I am a big fan of “learning backwards”. That is, do the stuff first- make the noise, use the chord, solo with the scale, regardless if it makes sense to you or not. Then later on you are more likely to learn the inner workings and theory because you actually recognize it’s useful application.

This strategy doesn’t work for things like heart surgery – for that you should probably learn the details first before doing hands-on experience. But with music, I’m totally okay with skipping many steps along the way as long as they get us to playing and writing quicker.

Anyways, this video is about diminished chords and where you can use them and fit them into your chord progressions. The following videos are referenced and very important to understanding everything here-

Chords of Major: https://youtu.be/M8eItITv8QA
Chords of Minor: https://youtu.be/j-j4g0ktPGw
Diminshed Chords: https://youtu.be/HQ2pg7D1aks
Diminished Chord Portals: https://youtu.be/olSSi6GOKZ8
Dim7 Arpeggios: https://youtu.be/0VJHqvtz12c
Chords of Harmonic Minor: https://youtu.be/xu2ylGI_Gp8
Orcastra Studio – Common Diminished Chord: https://youtu.be/DiX0BFe3aAE

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Cameron Weibling says:

You can tell he really enjoys talking about this, and that's what I like about this video!

Rocky says:

The outro of the ministry of lost souls by Dream Theather uses this exact concept (#4) with augmented chord.

Juliane Reis says:

I didnt get why did u call the Ebdim a Cdim7??

Peter Xenopoulos says:

you should have brought up the diminished chords in God Only Knows by the Beach Boys. specifically the E/B to Cdim7 followed by E/B to a A#dim/7. it’s got such a beautiful sound to it and that’s why I always play around with diminished chords, to try and make them sound that way.

BlackOut says:

before I got my guitar I thought learning music theory would be the worst part… turns out to be the best part, I wish it lasted forever.

Ridmi Risad says:

I did not understand the part where you went from C to Cm during playing Adele's "when we were young" in the scale of G. It is not a part of the chord progression but it sounds right. because Cm consists of D# thats not even a note of the G scale

Dylan Magoffin says:

I love your videos!! I’ve finally found a way to keep motivated and pushing to get better at theory. I noticed you say diminished has very little use, I’d love to see what you have to say about a song called “Dismantle the dictator” by one of my favourite bands “Revocation. I believe the main riff is in G diminished and the solo is just all over the place haha

Javier Ayala says:

Sir can you do a secondary dominant substitution tutorial?

Arnoud says:

Instance 3 confuses me. It is in the key of b flat minor. So wouldn't the 5th chord be a minor as well?

Arriba7losque7ladran says:

Hello everybody!! wonderfull videos. However, i have a doubt. Isn't the chord of @3:53 a Eb°7 instead of a C°7? because the tonic which is in the EB.

Pleeeease !

David Tortorich says:

its my first time watching. You definitely have a voice for TV or radio, Just saying.

Tache Adrian says:

best music theory channel. period. i have learned so much from you!

YourFavouriteColor says:

to those curious about a little more on diminished shapes: IMO it's more useful to see the "dim7" chord resolving down by whole step as an inverted 7b9. "Cdim7" to Bbm is really F7b9 to Bbminor. Play an F in the bass keeping the right hand a "Cdim7" and you'll see what I mean.

Marc Bertrand says:

Do you mind telling us who your students are (just a couple)? who sings the songs you have written? Thank you.

Matthew Hart says:

"C demolished"

Nihilus says:

There is another way, diminished triad with b5 in the bass. If used properly it becomes the most sad and dramatic chord ever! I'm still experimenting with it because I've discovered it by accident, so I can't really tell more details, so try it yourselves!

Dr Rendezvous says:

"At some point in time you may have learned this chord … [Cdim7] … and asked yourself, 'why? What am I supposed to do with THAT!'"

Hahahahaa! I laughed OUT LOUD when I heard that! To quote Homer Simpson, "it's funny because it's true."

Me in high school: Cdim7? Fuck that, man! Now, Em7? THAT I can work with!

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