4 Rules of #Mixing

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Excalibur Audio Library says:

Hey Joe, I’ve been up all night trying to figure this out and I simply cannot…figured I would ask the expert himself.

So, basically I am working on a song in Studio One 5 with vocals that I am tuning with the Waves Tune Real-Time (using a MIDI file of the correct tuning). Is there a way to transform/render the audio with the tuning from my tuning plugin coming off the MIDI? I feel like I have tried everything and simply cannot figure it out. It sounds great, but the minute I try to “transform to tenderer audio” it is not correct.

Thanks brother!

Lagerwelt says:

Yeah man, after binging on your videos I'm feeling good about spending moneys on mixbus 32c, because I've always wanted to cut down on the channel plugins, and the dedicated buses in that software makes life easier for me..juuust gotta get down to making some music now. Another point I also picked up on in another video of yours was the physical/emotional response.. can't believe I havent put more thought into those, because even though knowing that they're important I've just forgotten about them and destroyed mixes afterwards. Taking alot from your content here, and looking forward to more, spam mail included!!

L.A Trey says:

Do a tutorial on mixing hiphop song

Yashar Hp says:

Thank you so much dude, i feel my life will change soon

Dave Hall says:

So helpful as always Joe — love how you break these down and get us focused on the basics. Cheers. (And this format is so engaging – love these vids)

Matt Velic says:

Where do you draw the line with plugins? For example, you could think of guitar pedals as "plugins" so is that something that you'd hold off on? Sometimes the effect is the point, whether it's distortion commonly or perhaps a rhythmic timing from delay (U2) – obviously rules are meant to be broken, or maybe there are ways to break down effects into buckets where some you'd expect to see early in the process versus others you only use when balancing?

dul22 says:

I'm all about #4 (though very subjective…)

dul22 says:

Rule 3 mostly, what if the tracks are poorly recorded ? It's going to be much easier to work on good tracks then crapy ones so the method won't be exactly the same in my opinion.

Michael Andersson says:

You make everything seems so easy and you really know what you talkin about. I love your lessons!

dilwa binieairllo says:

I really needed this..

Home Studio Rescue says:

Thanks for video. Totally agree, you gotta get that balance right from the start. I enjoy getting my mix buss going after. that. I like The Slate Tape plugin and Virtual console with a little EQ and Mixbuss compression. Once I get that right then I start mixing my individual tracks.

Andrey LSD says:

grateful painting

JohnBogansky says:

Hey Joe, what program did you use to make the drawings?

Rhycords says:

Love rule #4! 🙂

JANIRA says:

Good looking

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