#4 Music theory: Note values and time signatures

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A music theory tutorial on time signatures and Note values.

When I started this channel in 2006, I decided NOT to teach song tutorials, since there was no viable way for me to teach every possible piece by myself and still be sane. My approach to this channel is to teach you the skills and concepts of piano so you can grow as a musician and learn any piece you wish. But both you and I know that the main reason we put so much hard work into learning the concepts of piano is so that we can play pieces for ourselves and possibly others.

Not being able to teach concepts AND pieces to you guys always bothered me… I wanted a way to offer a good solution to learning pieces online in an interactive way. In 2014, I met some guys from Berlin, Germany who founded a piano learning company called ‘Flowkey’, and when they showed me their demo, I knew in 1 second that this is exactly what I had been looking for you guys to learn pieces on your own using technology.

Since we met, we’ve been talking about how we can make online piano education better and decided to collaborate together. I always want to be straight with you guys, they have a free and pro version, if you decide to pay for the pro version using the link below, as a way of saying thanks, Flowkey will share a part of what you pay to Flowkey with me for the lifetime of your account. If you know me, then you know I wouldn’t suggest Flowkey unless I truly thought they’re offering something really helpful to you, as I’ve been offered to do ads and partnerships many times, but didn’t see any value for you guys in those offers. Flowkey offers real value by offering a way to learn pieces interactively.

The solution I’ve been looking for learning pieces online finally exists.
Once you see it for yourself, you’ll know why I think it’s worth your time, check out Flowkey here: http://goo.gl/m871Xh

Be sure to visit my website and join the music community!

Free Music Education


Paolo Josip Ivanisevic says:

You're so funny mate and you're a good teacher. Cheers bro and kepp it going! Salute from Croatia 🙂

Trey Enma says:

The information is useful, but the audio is so low I have to listen with headphones or I can't hear a word you say. If you could go back over this information with a better setup, I'm sure those views would pick up.

Roxana Davoodi says:

2:16 omfg got em

Cûrty Mellø says:

I can gladly say i'm a survivor

01001100 01001101 says:

I hate music theory so fucking much

Mihaela Poliana Aniculaesei says:

You make music accessible to everyone. Crazy, kind, smart and great pedagogic skills. Thanks for sharing this. I was always intimidated by teachers and their theory but you are awesome without leaving out information but the opposite. Definitely the best.

MultiJeangenie says:

6:37 a game of cops what's that?

Santhosh Gurumurthy says:

Thank you Bro!!

Meditate OnYou says:

I thinking about suicide but when I saw those words on the top your board I got happy again…and now im saved

DickJohnson3434 says:

Yeah, these videos should be 4 minutes long. The only reason it's actually hard to complete this video series is the insanely slow rate of information.

DickJohnson3434 says:

If every time he tried to be funny by repeating the identical "pretty hard, right?" joke and then repeatedly laughing at himself every time he does it, these videos could be SO much shorter. It was torture listening to him spend 5 minutes "teaching" us how to draw figures that we're looking right at.

Lucky Diamond says:

after 10 years you still amazing men

The Lad Of Lads says:

One like for the fallen homie

The Lad Of Lads says:

Stop bragging, andrew

Jim Redner says:

I have a practice book which asked to look at the notes and tell the time signature . In one example, I said it was 3/4 time and the book said no it was 6/8 time. How can I tell this? I had the same problem with a piece that I counted 4 eighth notes, so I called it 4/8 time and the book said no it was 2/4 time. I confused. Can you help me to understand this?

Aliza Herbst says:

Thanks SO much. I'm actually learning really quickly! Very generous of you

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