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To celebrate the 3 year birthday of The Recording Revolution, I’m sharing my top 3 principles to live by in the studio for maximum success. Download my free eBook “The #1 Rule Of Home Recording” for more tips www.TheRecordingRevolution.com


NesBeats says:

Hey Graham thanks for your videos and your time! i have a question which mic do you used to record your videos?

intwig says:

Happy Birthday Recording Revolution

ZinayH says:

You are inspiring! 🙂 you are awesome!

philipz794 says:

after the third one, i subscribed immediately ! thanks 🙂

Cory Juba says:

Fantastic video and advice!

jaktheknife says:

Good advice that has nothing to do with any particular technical or mechanical thing. I’ve learned a lot by seeing videos like this specially from the recording revolution. Thanks dude and I agree just go do it, complete and show product you learn more each and every time. I’m also grateful to be able to do stuff myself now a days. Ppl just get stuck on gear too much hey tools are just tools but art is where it’s at. Cool. Cheers!

jfo3000 says:

Thanks for the wisdom; I did recording “pre-production” for my next piece of music last night because of this video…

Justin Strong says:

This video just inspired me

Dan R. Hagen says:

Great video!! Very inspiring! Thanx!

Fred Abbot says:

Thank you so much for those encouraging words. I am a songwriter that plays the guitar and sing but could not afford the cost of recording. Now I have learned to use the software which is available I am able to put my thoughts out there for others to hear and the response has been quite encouraging. There is a long way to go yet but the first step has been taken. Keep your good work going and thank again.

KidNovaDaHitMaker says:

This really inspires me…I feel like you’re talking about me, because I do all three..I always feel like I should wait til I’m at my peak to start on my producer/engineer path..Thanks and keep it up

TheJazzmoose says:

Graham – Thank You for all your hard work dude! Just discovered your channel and watched all 62 5 mins tips in the last 2 days. I’ve learned so much as well as been inspired. Looking forward to more great info & advice.

LeijiONE says:

keep doin’

shizzlenizzle says:

The next Tony Robbins!!!

lepaux says:

you rock man

Eric Carson says:

I have 3 or 4 unfinished tracks.

Skip Nelson says:

If you need some new shirts let me know as I have many and I think that you need one for when you shoot your videos. Looks like something didn’t get out of the wash ????

SplinterCell37 says:

Happy birthday Recording Revolution!

areiacreations says:

Maybe there are people out there that have better ideas and techniques. But their tutorials suck so much and they start talking 10 minutes about their life, then explain how to copy past in the DAW when talking about vocal reverbs. You are doing it PERFECTLY. Thanks so much for every little video and the time you took for making them.

jman8964 says:

Well said, Graham!

Garpocalypse says:

Graham I wish you had RR going during my first two years of trying to get with this. I wasted so much time not knowing what to do it wasn’t funny. Though it might have been to some people.

PIsTON KrONico says:

yea tht third one was the best one! there so much truth to that. stop being perfectionist and get to work assholes!

Franklin Ortiz says:

Already have Rethink Mixing, but need the new one Rethink Mastering. I hope coming soon.

Franklin Ortiz says:

Happy birthday from Costa Rica

jimmyrich1 says:

Number 3 is sooooooooooooo important !!!!!!!!!!!

MrMarsh2mello says:

Congrats man 3yrs ..kudo’s

MicroToGo says:

Very cool site and videos

radstrattele says:

Congrats Grayham, Question? When I first started mixing and creating ….I would play it in the car and various other places and found my bass freq were too much. After learning from your videos it made a vast improvement. I have also found the environment with a room makes a difference as well. A room with hardwood floors really shows the true bottom end when you have too much. What do you think?

TheStickmann says:

The Peace of Our Lord, Jesus Christ be with you always, Graham. 51 yr old geek who fought & lost with Logic & Studio One. Finally jumped into PT9 & discovered your site at the same time. Finally I “get it” & my mixes/masters shine like I always dreamed. Only took 20+ yrs, lol. Appreciate the time you share along with your expertise. Peace : )

peembee says:

As always, a gift Graham. Thank you

damrak1969 says:

Great vid Graham. I just finished my full album yesterday and started giving it out to my friends- 12 songs on the CD out of 15 written and recorded over the last 3 1/2 months. I’ve learned a lot and my techique and sound is much better now than 3 1/2 months ago – practice really is the most important thing. I made a goal to finish a whole CD and I hit it hard and it paid off. I also learned a lot from both or your 30 tips in 30 days segments that I applied in my mixes. Thanks for everything!!

iknowDavenMC says:

If you were like me and had no songs to practice mixing on, check out cambridge-mt(dot)com(forwardslash)ms-mtk(dot)htm. They have a ton of songs that you can practice mixing on.

MrMarsh2mello says:

What happend to your behringer truth. are they still good monitors to use. (i just got me a set.) and how much better are those krk’s vs behringer truth 1030a

chimpalahee says:

the third one is very true! i have a pair of dre studio beats and after finding out how crap they are for mixing im scared to mix my song which im itching to finish and have no more equipment i keep saying to myself just save up and get some monitors or some new headphones but their really isnt any need! im just gonna go for it! man thanks for the advice needed this!

MrMchevis says:

Rec Rev Rules!!! Keep the good Work man!!!!!

Joe Creed says:

you can’t polish a turd.. be good in the first place and you won’t need tonnes of gear/plugins to make you sound half decent

David Maxey says:

Great stuff Grant, thanks for posting.

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