3 Songwriting Tips That Changed My Life

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Are you a budding songwriter who’s stuck? We’ve all been there. But these 3 things have given me inspiration when I thought I didn’t have it, helped me dig deeper in my lyrics and have made me so much faster. I’ve been a songwriter for 14 years and professionally doing it for 8 years! So I’ve learned a lot throughout the years and this is just a little bit of what I’ve learned! I hope this can help you! If it does, please give this video a like and go ahead and comment below!! Happy writing! 😀

FUN FACT: I’ve used all three of these tips on my own original music like my latest single “LaLaLa (Not Listening)” and “Who Am I” (You can find those here or anywhere you listen to music!)

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GREAT advice!! absolutely loved this workshop—definitely made me feel less hesitant/anxious and more inspired to keep writing songs. ur amazing u got urself a new sub<33

Mari Cruz says:

Oh my gosh I was seriously considering asking you for you discussing tips about both singing and writing .Even if it would be tips or the basics for anyone that wants to get better at the whole process or writing or singing .

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