3 Lyric Writing Secrets That Will MAKE People Listen

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Disclaimer: The content of this educational video is covered by fair use. My explanations are transformative and add interpretation and analysis to the original work much as happens when I teach poetry in a university classroom. When I explain songs, I use only the lyrics or short clips of the original song or music video and do not hurt the song’s salability or provided a market substitute. All copyright claims will be disputed and appealed. Please see me as your ally in my attempt to use a literary perspective to enable fans to better understand and enjoy your wonderful and interesting piece of music.


Hazmat IN A GAS MASK says:

“Name a song that has saved the entire world”
Trees by twenty one pilots
“Not even an album has done that”
Uhh trench,blurryface,vessel and self-titled by twenty one pilots
“Theres not even a genre that can save the entire world”
Ummm is twenty one pilots a genre?

Des Oliver says:

A song that saved the entire world? Challenge accepted:


Laurem says yee says:

I may hate ela and writing in general but I want to turn my thought journal into something creative because it really just seems like the most toxic thing on the planet right now

Art Howard Music says:

I thought about your tip to free write to get to what your song is really about. I was thinking about it as I was brushing my teeth, actually, which immediately gave me the chrysalis of a tune I'm working on, which shall be heralded as one of the greatest of all time (by me)! Thanks!

kptins says:

What r u talking about bro? Justin Bieber – baby saved the world

The Grinch says:

I can name albums that saved the world; Twenty one pilots(self titled), vessel, blurryface, regional at best, and trench

Hexagon Addict says:

Could u make a video about "English tenses"

Viki Fernandez says:

Guitarist liberta dex

Drawn To Ice Hockey says:

Don't lie, you know rock saved the world.

Nayara Costa says:

you should totally do a review of "whatever people say about me that's what i'm not" from arctic monkeys. Alex turner is definitely one of my favourite songwriters EVER

p e m m a says:

"name one song that has saved the world"

me, silently: i wanna be gay, cause youre fucked and i wanna savour it..

TMMRW says:

i am an artist who just started writing and the free writing idea is the best tip ive ever gotten thanks for the help

CrypticSilver says:

It’d be really cool if you did a lyric competition

Lord Kvasir says:

Winter’s hand

I am hearing your gentle steps in the morning
And sight of your stature is reflecting in the frozen river
The icy cold wind have stopped storming,
The wind which caused our love to shiver

With the color of evergreen forests
Nature have painted your eyes
Offspring of the goddess of hunt the wise
You are, take away all my sorrests

I want to feel again the passion’s flame
For our sorrow we are only ones to blame,
So take my frozen and trembled arms
And let’s seal ourselves from winter’s harms

The moon in starless sky is aligning
To the sign of lost loves and hidden allure
The snowy and cold mist is collapsing,
For our agonized romance we must find a cure

The winter’s hand is holding the icy blade
The silver snowflakes were carved themselves into your braid
And the freezing breeze is weaving your bridal dress
And the frozen layers of earth is here to bless

J.T. R says:

But Gucci gang saved the world

TheFresh Egg says:

Thanks this helped a LOT!

TheFresh Egg says:

Topic: I hate you Elijah

Elijah stay away.

yaz ali says:

My problem is not writing … sometimes i get stuck but my big problem is having no one to work with can any one help ?

PJ Shepherd says:

I’m an amateur fiction writer who doesn’t even write lyrics and this is actually really helpful for me. Thanks!

soraya - says:

Explain something by la dispute!!! the last lost continent for example. All of their songs have meaning

Anthony Lazaro Music says:

Great video: definitely have to work on point three. Heads up: you forgot your end screens !

Alexandra Knope ('23) says:

My tip for song writing: write sins not tragedies!!!!

Wyatt Christian Pinili says:

Pls do therapy session or let you down!!!!! Explain

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