20 Reasons Why Cubase Mixer is the BEST! -MEGA Walkthrough🎚🎚🎚#mixer #cubase #mixing #console

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#mixing #mixconsole #cubase
Let me know which ones are YOUR favourite features for Cubase or another DAW πŸ™‚

1:31 : Proper Gain Staging
4:36 : Proper Metering
7:33 : Multiple Mixers
8:59 : Resizable and modular
10:20 : Control Room
11:09 : Configurable Modules
12:21 : Spectral Comparison EQ
13:56 : Visibility Agents
16:26 : Zones
17:16 : Easy bussing
18:50 : CLEAR send levels
19:57 : Cue Sends
21:47 : Mix History
22:27 : Mix Snapshots
23:23 :Search functions
23:48 : Easy Sidechain
25:06 : Combined Panner
26:31 : Educational Tool
27:54 : Quick Bypass
28:19 : The SOUND
Chris Selim’s video on Control Room : https://youtu.be/u9uS1btVSgY

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Montage Screen

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The Legend Kc says:

I love cubase. So far, I havent had any real problems with it. Only real issue I had is with 10.5, it was losing my recorded tracks. So I keep using my cubase 9

vindsoft says:

Dom – thanks for the video. I love Cubase Pro but I have only one challenge.

1. Does recording audio using Cubase on Windows or Mac make ANY DIFFERENCE?

2. All my novice music making peers using Logic Pro X were able to bring louder mixes without any struggles , hence I did an experiment. I bought MAC & Logic Pro, then imported Midi file recorded on Cubase, assigned VSTs using Halion 6 sampler & finally exported audio. Without any loundness adjustment the audio sounded like commercial music.

However I still struggle to bring the loundness levels of my music composition on Cubase. I’m not understanding how Logic Pro X is able to keep the same audio levels / details without waging WAR.

What am I missing?

(Note: I did not render audio of the Halion 6 instruments tracks. I did all EQ, Compression & Reverbs directly on Sampler Program BUS). Does this during DAW export? Quite frankly I’m unable to find any on this topic between Logic or Garageband & other DAWs.

(UI Suggestion: As an IT Professional and Music hobbyist, there are 2 suggestions I’d like to ask. The rack, inspector controllers and icons are way too small to grab them using mouse. Not everybody will have external controller. There should a preference setting to adjust small icons & controller size. Tried to explain tech support and also on the forums)

Roko Seki27 says:

Personally, I found fruity loops mixer much easier…

istefk says:

value added as always Dom

barlev5 says:

Great Video Dom i learned a lot, But why i can not find the option for the spectrum comparison on my channel ? is this option is only for the version 10.50? i have the 10.060

Abbaddonna says:

this is Cubase Pro, right? I have Elements and the mixer console looks nothing like what is shown here

Lewis Knudsen says:

Dom you just blew my mind with that select all + low cut filter, had no idea that was a thing

This was one of the most informative videos I've seen in a while, so many great shortcuts and time savers. For some reason I had been afraid of getting into the weeds with the mixer bu this video gave me some great tools to start digging in. Never been more proud to be a Cubase user

Lewis Knudsen says:

I proudly live in a Cubase bubble haha

Subhankar Chakraborty says:

Fantastic Video indeed. Would you please tell me , for Proper Gain Staging – after going to Pre Section, how to select all Pre to do " Low Cut or Gain Staging ". What is the Key command ? I could not understand , as your told very fast. Thanks

Ratu Eliki Tuvilo says:

bro can we run zoom r24 on cubase 10.5?

Chris Correia says:

I coundn't find the pre eq nor the multiple metering when I pressed F3 all I find is the regular routing/inserts/eq/strip/sends and faders.Where can I find pre eq for loadind a low cut? cubase 10.5.20 version is what I have.Thanks

Peter J. says:

And again ,I learned a lot from this video. Thank you so much ,Dom

xxxxxxxtra says:

HA? There are others daws?…

distortedhumans says:

Gain channel is now called gain stage ….program is now called App ….Orange is now called Yellow ….Now is called later …new generation they fix everything now we are so lucky

Clark Harrell says:

Whoops, can't believe I wasn't subscribed to you! Problem rectified. ; )

JMix_Studio says:

I use REAPER, you would know how vocal are Reaper users about how good it is… still…. it's the first time someone convinces me of a statement like that so roundly. kudos to you man! I wish many of those features get implemented in Reaper in the near future

Fwuzeem says:

Brilliant video! There's quite a lot to unpick, as lots of other DAWs do lots of these things. Having used Logic the most out of all of them there are a few things you can do on the list.

1) You can do your gain staging per region and normalise the gain to whatever LUFS you want with region gain, which means there's no need for it to be in the mixer
2) There are some free plugins that do LUFS metering such as the MeldaProduction ones.
3) You can do this on Logic with aux tracks on seperate screens too.
4) Logic has 2 options for mixer view zooms, but nowhere near this many.
5) Yeah this is cool, Logic does not do this.
6) Expensive plugins do this, such as Waves Mixhub, Logic does not, but Studio One does.
7) Expensive plugins do this, such as Neutron by Izotope.
8) Logic has all of this at the top of the mixer but HOLY ** THE CURSOR THING IS REALLY COOL!!!!! DAMN NO OTHER DAW I KNOW OF DOES THAT
9) Yeah Logic does not do this, THAT IS COOL!!!!!
10) Logic does bussing well and it seems there is not much difference between these two programs
11) Logic does this with sends on faders. Pro Tools also does this really well and is the best out of the bunch.
13) Logic has mixer specific history too.
14) Logic has project alternatives, but is not quite as good as snapshots, as it is all encompassing to the project. Much better on Cubase.
15) Logic now has search for the mixer, but it is a plugin called PlugSearch, and it is a seperate paid plugin that costs $15. You cannot search tracks so this is definitely Cubase specific only.
16) Sidechaining is easy as hell, as it's just a dropdown menu in the plugin. HOLY SHIT YOU CANNOT ADD TWO SIDECHAINS!! Bussing would have you covered, but definitely not ideal. This is better in Cubase.
17) Logic does this already, as does Pro Tools
18) Reason is visually a better tool for learning how mixers work, and is very cheap at just Β£69, plus it works as a plugin. Reaper is also really good with the routing button and dragging and dropping.
19) This is done in Logic by selecting all tracks with Cmd+A then dragging across the plugins to bypass them.
20) Logic was 64-bit before Cubase and has very netural sounding stock plugins with some great new coloured additions. There are plenty of free ones that sounds amazing too. Reaper also has 64 bit processing per channel before hitting busses, which Cubase and Logic do not. The very last comment about Mastering tricks that can only be done in Cubase needs to be explained, but you can keep your secrets!
Cubase is definitely brilliant. One thing I'm not keen on is the pricing, as it's very high to keep the software up to date. It's quite a prestiguous program though, and there are cheaper versions, such as Artist and LE if you don't mind a stripped down version that has track limits. One thing is that it is definitely a pro program, rather than a toy, as some DAWs do feel and sound like, but I'm mentioning any specific ones as to potentially cause offense.

DRAE The M.A.N. says:

New subscriber, excellent video! Much value given in this gem. Keep making new content.

Patrick Arend says:

Most excellent!
Great video.
Cubase changed my music life.
It still amazes me that a software daw makes me feel like I have a million dollar studio.
I used to sequence using only hardware.
Now, I have cubase and it is almost my whole studio.

Joy Jinith says:

Hey dom lots of love frm India. You are a great help for us in this difficult time

Alexander Krapenitskiy says:

I always say that Cubase Mixer is a masterpiece. I tend to open it all the time even for the sake of its visual beauty.

tarkan Calli says:

Thanks for video πŸ™‚

Rahul Noel Massey says:

Bro You ROCK
I am from INDIA and I love Cubase

Paul Stutt says:

I never understood how the combined panner works, that is sooo useful. Thank you Dom

Lieutenant Pepper says:

i dunno I feel this is as good as Logic Pro X

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