2 Crucial Mixing Questions You’re Not Asking (Plus a Big Announcement)

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There are 2 crucial mixing questions you need to be asking yourself.

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Chris Ammann says:

Sorry it's off topic, but – what happened to Ask Joe/SRP?

Pierre Foisy says:

Thanks Joe. I think this is your most inspiring and valuable video so far. Best 2 Questions ever.

Alessandro Rorato says:

The fifth "t" is training.

Lakshay Kukreja says:

4Ts. Damn! This is GOLD!
Thanks for this video, Joe 🙂

Frank B says:

absolutely the truth.. everyone is trying to paint their own picture of a cabin on a hill with trees and a flowing creek. the problem now a days is if your cabin doesn't look exactly like everyone else's cabin your painting is shunned. art and beauty is in the eye of the beholder and no one has the balls to say thats the way SNARES are going to sound from now on its going to be 2018 .. your snare is so 2015.. lol

Frank B says:

damn OCD! who installed that upside down outlet? MG fix it… lol

Bojan Ostojic says:

GREAT VIDEO !!! THANKS FOR THE TIPS FOLLOW FROM IQUIQUE CHILE https://www.youtube.com/c/BlackflagStudioTV

heavymetalmixer91 says:

I've always asked myself what does sound good to me instead of what sounds "good" in general, because music is subjetive.

Great video man, this needs to be shared.

Talking Leaf Media says:

You're right, I think. But first, I should ask myself, "What does 'right' really mean?"

Rick Osborne says:

love the video very helpful but how can I get one of the Home Studio Corner t-shirt!!!!

Amir Hidayatullah says:

2 minute tips please.

Jeanmark Rodriguez says:

I loved being in dueling mixes, really learned a lot! Im hoping to join again in a couple of months.

Josh Gates Music says:

Great video Joe! Just wondering how I can get a mix critiqued by you, I would appreciate some insight by a pro to make sure I'm on the right track. Thanks man

Steve Bull says:

Will you be starting the podcast and gildercam again Joe?!

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