10 Lyric Writing Tips for Beginners

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Any lyricists that are just getting started – I hope these tips help you!

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Lu gamer says:

Poeple said that am not 12 when i talk like a little kid i want to make my own rap song so they can know am not a little kid

It's Ally says:

How’s this I appreciate feedback and some pointers and criticism. Thanks! Here goes:
Empty sky yet it’s full of light
No matter what I do, you’ll never be satisfied
I try putting myself in your situation
All I see is expectations undefined

And I can’t have a voice today
But when tomorrow comes I’ll speak it all
I’m a raindrop in your river
I’m a tear in the ocean
I’m a star in the sky
I can only make a difference
But hey a difference can be a mark on the small sheet of paper where we live our lives
Our ideas come to life so now…
It’s a mural on the wall


I know you have issues
I know you don’t have a perfect life
I wish I could hate you
But that comes to mind, no one has a perfect life

I have to remember:
Im a raindrop in your river
I’m a tear in the ocean
I’m a star in the sky
I can only make a difference
But hey a difference can be a mark on the small sheet of paper where we live our lives
Our ideas come to life so now…
It’s a mural on the wall
Whoa oh oh ohhhhhh
Mural on the wall alll alll

No matter what happens
I’m still gonna be holding on to the hope that we might end up together
It seems impossible
Wait nothing’s impossible

Let me make a difference on that small sheet of paper
Then I can make… a mural on the wall

Cheese Man says:

I'm not the best at songwriting but just from reading the comments I see that people focus on rhyming way too much

Envious Green says:

I'm trying to write a lyric about "all things come to those who wait" such as starting a life anew, but you don't have enough money to get out of town as you're living with your parents, or becoming or having something your heart sets on, such as your dream career or having another child after dealing with the trauma of a miscarriage.

My inspirations on writing songs and lyrics are Josh Groban, Christina Perri, and Five For Fighting.

The problem is I'm trying to avoid clichés and plagiarism, I have been under a lot of pressure and upset. But there are times when I still have hope that I can write a song, even though it's easier said than done.

Seriously, Emma, how long does it take you to finish a song? Or a lyric? You sound like a very confident artist!

The night howlers says:

My crush left the school and I cry every day and I wrote a song

live 4 music says:

A feelin
To the core
Not too hard
Just express some more

live 4 music says:

Or this

Its thanksgiving you can
Say thanks to everyone
Like you can give it up and see what it's meant

Cristina Davenport says:

Your Pretty And Helpful

Weaux says:

Brilliant video!!

alright. says:

All of my songs sound sad! Idk how to make them sound happy or like a pop song

Fiona Sharkey says:

Where u live ?

Missy S says:

Harry Potter or family is what I'd do:)

Gaurree Verma says:

The sun was looming high
And beneath it was the blue sky
My love was nothing but food
Until I saw the shadow lie
I look up to be captured by blue eyes
And that's when I knew I met someone good

Lowkey Emma says:

I walked into the classroom door…
And I saw your face.
That's the one thing I really wish I could erase.
A smile that ends wars, personality, oh how it soars.
You trigger emotions it's impossible to explain.
I wish…i wish I could get you out of my brain.
Thought you were starting to like me back..
It was just my imagination, not facts.
When you come around..my heart flutters, it reacts.

I want you for you, but you want the other girl. I want to be yours, want you to be apart of my world.

I wish I was prettier, stronger, skinnier.
A perfect girl, a perfect life.
I know I'd give it up for you, I'd put down the knife.

You made me feel, special, while it lasted. When it ended, my heart was broken it was blasted.

You were my sunshine now that your gone it's dark. I remember all those long walks at the park. You were my end, and my start.
In the end I was nothing but a broken heart..

Phantom-Agar.io says:

Can you see me,
I can barely see myself.
Are you with me?
I need your touch, your feel, your love
I'm drowning


Next-Level says:

How about this:

Theres a war in my head don't know what hit me but I'm made of gold so
 if  you push me to the ground or
 lock me in a room i'll be alright, i'll be alright cause I'm a warrior.

Morgan Thompson says:

How’s this for I guess a song? ( please don’t steal and please no hate)
See I'm, sitting here in the dark, chilling here all alone
Yeah, I'm wishing you would pick up the phone
And I know you must hate me now
But I just wish you would come around
You made promises you couldn't keep
And I don't know why my heart gave you its key
Knowing it would tear me up inside
But I don't wanna say goodbye
I guess this is what you wanted
To see me in pain, god your so vain
But I guess it boosted your ego
And I guess it's time for me to go
I can't stay here with you near
Every time I see you, somehow my mind goes wild
I can't keep it under control, I start to smile
But then the smiles goes away, for now I realize the pain you put me through
I opened up, thought you cared, I trusted you, and it's not fair
Oh that's so rude
I sat in night, with no light
You told me everything would be alright
That it's okay, you're here
But where are you now?
I needed you, but you were nowhere near
Everywhere I go, I still see you
But it's not real, cause you're not here
I'm so stupid, for wishing you would come back
You said you cared
That's funny, where were you when I was crying myself to sleep?
Hmmm, nowhere
I can't help it, when your around, I'm more happy
But then again, it makes me sad
You've messed with my head
It messed me up, I don't do promises anymore, thanks to you…
Hope you’re happy
I guess that's all that matters anymore
You left, while I stood at the door
Silently in my head, I was begging you to come back
But that didn't happen
I don't have a clue, what I did to you
But, what would you do, if I told you, “I love you”

Marck Hastin says:

This is from a song i wrote :
I'm the toy
N' you're the boy
We just need another game
But I’m broken 
Can't be working
They're the ones to blame

I've written many songs so far but i need some critical opinions so if anyone feels like wanting to help, just tell me ^^

Sdan Tyty says:

I need this my dad said I have to make a song

Aiyaly Videos says:

Everyone in the comment section is so f*cking creative and writes about suicide and love or something and I am here still calculating what is going on

John Mark Perez says:

Ms. Emma you know what?.
When I was watching this video again last week in my dad's phone and when I was at the imagery… you know that cat part?….
I know. I'd suppose to think about cats like "Garfield". "Tom" from "Tom and Jerry". my cousin's cat named "Pretzel" or even our cat named "Hershey" but then it actually made me thought about 3 of my cousins "2 from my mom's side" and "1 from my dad's side" and the 1 from my dad's was the one who said that CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM to my song when I'd shown it to her last April…

jungkook in a cup says:

What about this?
We were perfect,we everything we hoped for but why did time tear us apart the way you looked at me was more than enough you left me on the ground crying as you left me all alone,
Why cry when I already cried,the teacup fell and broke just like my heart did.

emma cole says:

Something i just invented now:
Staring at the night sky
Looking at the stars shine
Imagine if you could be here too

What we had it was gold
Loving you never gets old
Lucky that i'm still with you

TheGirlWhoWasCreative says:

I made a video where i shared my lyrics.You can find it on my channel.Check it out! :))

QWASX says:

I woke up
Got bullied at school
Watch out Dan
shotgun cock
I'm coming for you.

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