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This music theory tutorial was designed to teach you to learn music theory for free and in a fun easy way online!! This is a complete course series with all topics covered and explained, from beginner rudiments all the way up to advanced rudiments music theory. There is homework given at the end to help this music theory stick in your head!

Visit my website: http://www.howtoplaypiano.ca to see course outlines, a music term glossary, a complete series on how to play piano and other music theory extras!

I hope you guys find this useful and helpful! Enjoy music! If you like this, please subscribe!


ethereal intoxicated canary says:

Thank you so much Andrei! You are so adorable.

James Corea says:

You are 'Off Michrophone".

totlyepic says:

4:55 for the actual start.

dabluebacca says:

Where I go to school, you must choose between subjects in your 1st year of it. Unfortunately, I didn't chose music because I would have had to drop science or business. So I am very glad that you provide this free course, thank you

lyrical spiritual miracle says:

Thank you for the lesson!

renee wang says:

Thank you so much! Before I watched your tutorials, I didn't know anything about music theory, but after I watched your videos, I got a 91 on my RCM level 8 theory:) You're such a kind and wonderful teacher! Thanks again:D

Corneliu Zelea Codreanu says:

you keep your watch on the left hand not the right, really you should know that

? says:

7 years later and this video series is still incredibly helpful and kind of you to share to aspiring musicians around the world !! It's so hard finding music theory lessons on YouTube that start straight from the beginning of music theory and explain everything in a simple and easy way to understand AND while not having a complete serious/dull mood but instead having an exciting mood, making is so much easier to keep attention and interest in learning about music in your videos !!! You have such a kind heart and soul thank you so so much !!!!!! 😀 ^-^

S.V. Productions says:

You are one of the best teacher which I've got in my lyf

Bradley Belton says:

Thank you for this

J-Boy Piza says:

ur a good person but change ur wierd ugly style plzzzz

Baby Michelle Leaves Her Corner says:

Dawg, I miss you. Come back on YouTube.

Nick Pop says:

You are amazing

Llyod Rauch says:

You’re the best man

Nina Ahmad says:

OMG it's 2010??? Well i'm beginner now 2017. Seriously it was very helpful!

WeirdBrainGoo says:

Your look reminds me of Vash, the main character from Trigun! Complete with a goofy personality.

Floyd Dae Instrumentals says:

If you're watching this first vid and feel motivated to learn, don't stop here and go the whole way! Trust me it's worth it!

Luis Frias says:

Thank you so much.

Andy Torrance says:

You're the man! Thank you for this!!

rhiannonhill says:

I've always called it a Stave, but that is classical training going back a long time ago. Useful stuff though, thanks.

Seth Campos says:

I like producing hip hop music and create beats and stuff. Everyone is talking about their instruments and I am going to learn Piano soon but is this beneficial to my computer production? If not what else can I learn that will help? I love music and honestly I dont think this is a daunting task and I wont let it put me in a box. I just need the groundwork for scales, chords, melody creating, songwriting and such. Also knowing how something I like sounds and being able to know on a deeper muscial level what the producer did to get that sound! Is this series worth it for me?

EEL 2 says:

Who is watching in 2017?

EEL 2 says:

Mr. Andrew Furmanczyk.

CyprusLenny55 says:

Wow thank you, this is great.  Yippeeee!!!!

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