098: songwriting tips x

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hope these help ! skip to 14:09 if you’re only here for the tips ! x

totv: blue man group – npr tiny desk concert (especially ‘the forge’) x https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTJfITfbYNA

thanks for watching
love, lewis x

twitter: levvis_
instagram: levvis

jack johnson – banana crumpets x


david leal says:

Why is no one talking about the Oh Wonder vinyl in the back??!

DaniBani says:

my problem is that I can't make it "ambiguous" or metaphoric like my lyrics are always "obvious" and stuff. it's so hard for me to write metaphors and I don't know how to make it better

Bradley Gale says:

This was terrific, thanks Lewis!

Jonathon Stokes says:

Hey Lewis, I love your music! Just wanted to say you're also my number one inspiration for song writing. Thank you for sharing, and I love the new album – midnight and the acoustic as well. Also was glad that you play Bon Iver! Best wishes.

Lewis Ross says:

does anyone know the tuning is for these songs ?

Alex Medeiros says:

my favourite vlog yet. so much to learn, and these teasers of new songs are unbelievable.

Faith Silva says:


Joe Farrell says:


expand on this beaut, we've been waiting patiently for years :')


I love the tiny desk concerts!

Emily T. says:

when you were putting cheese on the bread i was like OH MY GOD IS IT GOING TO BE ANOTHER GRILLED CHEESE VIDEO LIKE THE ONE FROM YEARS AGO but no. it made me a little sad.

zoeygonzalez08 says:

Banana + Crumpets = Banumpets

Freya Staer says:

you are honestly my biggest musical inspiration and this helped me so much, thank you for this and thank you for being amazing x

Ashlee H says:

please sing more in the vlogs

Téa van den Brenk says:

You're amazing and brilliant and oh my goodness those songs are so, so beautiful. Thank you. Thank you so much. x (can't wait for the album!)

David A. Marin says:

Awesome, pretty good tips, thanks Lew!!!

Gillian Paolotti says:

I can't wait for this album omg it's going to be amazing

Emily Xzy says:

forever saying "hip hop" in that voice/accent now. sidenote, that Re;stacks thing sounds like it's gonna be amazing.

lena says:

love this vlog and the tips are very useful so thank you! might want to try to properly write something now actually, you're quite inspiring mate x

Connor Everitt says:

awesome tips, can't wait for the album man! x

stephanie wilson says:

probs gonna need a full version of banana pancakes (crumpets) thanks x

Katie Skī music says:

Hey bud. I loved your lil bit of Banana Pancakes!! And thanks for the tips! Quick question for you: what are your guitars' names?

Fin Hampton says:

so buzzin for the new album, your lyrics are summin else x

Ellie & Nikon says:

loved hearing about your songwriting – really really great to hear how someone i admire views it and does it 😀 <3 love to ya lew

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