Melody and chords are tightly aligned. They go hand and hand. I’ll show you how to take ONE NOTE and turn it into a chord progression using our Chord Code technology. It works all the time. Click Here to Learn More about Music Theory Click Here to Get the Chord Chart for FREE Click Here for Over 26 Brand New Music Production Training Courses
Here’s the circle of fifths, drawn from scratch and explained on a single sheet of A4 paper. It is used to find scales and chords. What it can show you is the vast majority of musical ideas, from working out how to compose, to deciphering modern rock and pop songs! The sheet I drew is available at the end of this film – take a screenshot! Enjoy, share and subscribe to my channel…
Add a string section to any song in any genre, and it’ll sound amazing! So learn how to write a four-part chord progression for strings, by using this hack (as heard in deadmau5 “mau5ville level 2”). ►Free Book: ►Online Course: In deadmau5’s new track “Drama Free” (feat. Lights) that just dropped yesterday, the party pumps for just over a minute, before you’re suddenly whisked away to a beautiful land of strings. This lush detour lasts about 40 seconds, then you’re safely returned to the beat, perfectly highlighting how strings are totally at home in any genre. So, to [More]
Lindsay Rothschild is the woman to know at YouTube Music. She is committed to further developing the discoverability of songwriters, producers, engineers, and creatives like you! Sit back as we discuss some YouTube best practices, as well as go over how you can begin to use YouTube to create a digital discography to showcase your work. You’re at The Place! Bio: Lindsay Rothschild is the Songwriter and Publisher Relations Lead in North America for YouTube. With a focus on integrating songwriters into the YouTube community, her team hosts collaborative events to spotlight songwriters and organizes educational workshops around rights management [More]
The “How to Import Audio into Pro Tools” is an intuitive lesson that spotlights the many ways Pro Tools 11( PT11) operators can access and use the import settings. Even if you’re embarrassing an older version such as 10, 9, 8 and older you will feel right at home. Ok folks get ready! In this lesson you will explore the following. 1. Import files in to PT11. 2. Batch importing. 3. Using the Digi Browser to import. 4. Short cut keys 5. How to import midi and video. 6. Import architecture. Please subscribe, leave comments and Dare 2B Different. To [More]
Additional videos for this title: Pro Tools 302: Dialog Editing For Film & TV by Roy Vargas Video 1 of 48 for Pro Tools 302: Dialog Editing For Film & TV Editing dialog to picture is complex. Theres a lot of interactivity, when audio and video sync in post-production, that makes it essential for you to master all the concepts and tools. Thats why we called upon experienced Pro Tools expert Roy Vargas to break down the process and show you everything you need to know as a professional dialog editor. The course starts with a collection of tutorials [More]
Thumbs up if you are dope! Be an editing ninja! Learn shortcuts to make your Pro Tools sessions flow more efficiently. Grab a pen and pad and jot down my Top 20 Pro Tools editing, mixing, and navigation shortcuts. Get custom Pro Tools Templates and studio swag on my website. ____________________________________________________________________ LETS CONNECT! Email me for quotes on mixing! Follow me on InstaGram Like my Facebook Page email me: ____________________________________________________________________
👉 Get better mixes by this weekend. Plug this FREE 5-Step Mix process into your system and get ready for great results 👉 Compressor + De-Esser video: ***** CONNECT WITH ME: Facebook: Twitter: Home Studio Corner: Music:
👉 Get better mixes by this weekend. Plug this FREE 5-Step Mix process into your system and get ready for great results 👉 ***** CONNECT WITH ME: Facebook: Twitter: Home Studio Corner: Music:
►► Get complete mix breakdowns, fresh multitracks, and live coaching with my membership program. Start your 14 day free trial here → Follow Joe Gilder on his channel here: Are you a singer songwriter? Do you struggle to finish your ideas or flesh them out into full productions? Today I’m bringing on my buddy Joe Gilder, a talented engineer and singer/songwriter from Nashville to help us think through some strategies for turning a simple guitar/vocal or piano/vocal song idea into a full blown finished production. In this interview we cover: – The Production Triangle – The Balance Bucket [More]