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Make sure to watch my Cubase basics videos as well if you’re completely new to Cubase! Part 1: Part 2: Cubase stock sounds song: Music theory basics:
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Music theory is the common language between all instruments. The more you understand about theory, the better you can communicate with ANY musician. In these videos, Keith Duell (Keys Instructor & Patch Designer for Worship Online) teaches you the basic harmonic theory concepts that are crucial for any musician to know. Key changes, learning new songs, and knowing what notes to play in your solo becomes SO much easier when you understand the rules of music. So dive in! And let us teach you what you need to know to increase your knowledge of music! In Video #1 we talk [More]
I hope this vid is a little bit informative. 🙂
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This music theory lesson explains escape notes, what they are and how to use them. When it comes to inessential notes many musicians understand passing notes, understand auxiliary notes, and are happy about anticipatory notes. But what about escape notes, also known as escape tones or echappee? Here we explain what they are and clarify the various ways in which these patterns qualify as echappee. Examples of these non-chord and non-harmonic tones are written and played. Useful for performers and composers alike. 🔴 Subscribe for more videos just like this: 🎵 Become a Music Matters Maestro: 🕘 Timestamps [More]