Here are my 5 top tips when attempting to write a song
Songwriting 101 with Robin Frederick: Watch these step-by-step videos and learn how to write memorable songs that listeners will love. Use your song title as your guide, then develop your lyric and melody. The videos are based on my songwriting books and eBooks. Check them out at For more songwriting tips, visit MORE SONGWRITING VIDEOS: 1. A great way to get your song started: 2. How to write a memorable song title: 3. Build a lyric on your title by asking questions: 4. Follow a “song path” for an unforgettable journey: 5. Images [More]
Groove Quantize provides a number of powerful and simple ways of applying a groove to MIDI drums and audio loops, including Groove Agent and other drum instruments, like Superior Drummer and EZ Drummer. In this video, Greg shows how to quickly create a groove and apply swing with a number of powerful but easy to use tools, making Cubase the best DAW software for beats. We hope you find this video entertaining and useful. If you like what you see, please leave a comment and tell us what you think. Thank you. Your Steinberg YouTube Team Check out the trial [More]
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Sign up for a Stem account with the invite code SIMPLE: Music Made Simple is a video series that demystifies the confusing parts of being an independent artist. Since it is part of Stem’s mission to empower artists to run their own businesses, we put them front and center, giving them the platform to talk about everything from using your Stem account to choosing a team to getting paid. Episode 5 – Music Marketing 101 Artists discuss the basics of marketing your music. Subscribe to Stem’s YouTube Channel to make sure you’re in the know on new episodes: [More]
►► Download the 7 Step Song Planner for FREE – In this video, multi-platinum songwriter Martin Sutton breaks down the OneRepublic song, “Counting Stars”
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DOWNLOAD THE TRACKS FOR FREE: DOWNLOAD MY FINAL MIX HERE: WATCH ALL THE VIDEOS IN THIS SERIES: For this season of Mix Together, we’re featuring the band INDECENT SILENCE from Denmark. They graciously allowed us to mix their song “You’re Not Alone.” Listen to the entire EP “AWAKE”: Spotify: Google Play: Deezer: Tidal: SoundCloud: Be sure to subscribe/follow Indecent Silence: YouTube: Facebook: Watch the original music video of the song here: ***** CONNECT WITH ME: Facebook: Twitter: Home Studio Corner: Music:
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In this tutorial, Jason de Wilde, Head of Audio at the Australian Institute of Music, shows how MIDI recording is done using Pro Tools. The Audio/MIDI setup is explored as well as creating tracks, instruments, and the basic MIDI recording procedure. Jason’s You Tube – Check out all our You Tube Channels AIMtvSydney – AIMtvStage – AIMtvTestimonials – AIMtvDramaticArt – Our Website – AIMtv on our Website – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Linkedin – Google Plus – Audio @ AIM Welcome to Audio Engineering at AIM. [More]