Vision (Music Marketing for the DIY Musician)

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Create a Vision: When you know where you want to go, it makes creating the directions to get there far easier.

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Bobby Borg is a major label, DIY, and Indie recording/touring artist with over 25 years experience in the music industry. He is an adjunct professor of music business at Musicians Institute in Hollywood and UCLA in Los Angeles, the author of five Music Business and Marketing books that are used in major schools around the world. His website is


Rosa D'angelo says:

Ok. So this is the third video I checked out. I need to get this. sounds important and straight forward down to earth info.

Katharina Haberl says:

Bobby is so right when he said that having a clear "Vision" is essential. I think that every musician should have a vision and decide at some point what the vision is. When I did Bobby's Marketing class, it helped me a lot to remember and rethink about my vision and how I can achieve it. Bobby is so right when he says that it is easier to map out the direction to get where you ultimately want to be as an artist and it's important to remember that. Thanks for reminding me, Bobby!


The vision is quite literally the foundation for everything – Thanks Bobby for uploading this & for being an incredible professor

Miraedlund says:

Good stuff! Very inspirational. I think it's hard for a lot of musicians to know where to start. The music business is a jungle but you bring clarity to it!

Kristin Chambers says:

I absolutely love listening to Bobby talk about the business. Completely understandable, clear language with tactile steps! The music business can seem like an uphill battle, and every time I read his books, see him speak in person, or am just refreshing by watching a video like this- I feel directed again. Thank you Bobby!

Nell Crowden says:

Awesome, amazing stuff Bobby! SO true.

The Lyrik says:

Always dropping the knowledge, always cutting through the BS. I've actually applied a lot of what I've learned from him into what I'm doing and what he says is the TRUTH. Ya'll need to pay attention

beej carello says:

Once again Mr. Borg you shine light on the truth- your gift to those aspiring in the industry is not just your talent and experience, but your ability to teach and share this with everyone else.I remember as a kid growing up , my brother always saying, "If you want a Ferrari, you need to hang out with those who drive Ferrari's" Bobby Borg is a Ferrari in the Music Industry. If you want to make it, you need to listen to what the man says.

Mars Madame Music says:

I've learned so much from Bobby! He's a great mentor, tough and sensitive at the same time. Reading his books has helped me get in better control of my career. I care about my songwriting career more than anything else and every single idea that can help me achieve my many goals is like gold for me. Meeting Bobby in the beginning of my career as a professional songwriter, was nothing but GOLD.


You have been such a inspiration for musicians and there is no doubt. I am so glad that you came with another inspirational video paving a path of vision for DIY musicians!
I think every DIY should watch this video. Always love your work!

DeederDeets says:

Thanks for keeping me on point. I get distracted sometimes, and you've helped me keep the important aspects of my art and business at the top of the priority list.

Zino Arysof says:

Always good to hear your insights and benefit from your experience Bobby. You da mon.

DanHegartySounds says:

Spot on, Bobby! It's really important for artists (and even business folks) to have a vision and a written plan to achieve it. That plan can change but it's a good starting point and a great thing to revisit in the process. Well done!

John Bloom tunes says:

This is so true! Know where you're going and be pro active not reactive. GREAT video Bobby!

Renee Cooper says:

Bobby is such an inspiration! He is so knowledgeable.. Listen and learn people ….

Shahed Mohseni says:

Great video and very important real life points. Thank you Boby.

United Streets of America says:

I love how the video starts with defining your life's major purpose and then developing a plan on how to fulfill your vision. This video is outlined and explained in a very easy to follow and understand manner. I'm confident in saying that if a person or group followed the steps outlined in this video, they would definitely be more knowledgeable about who they are, what they want, and how to get the most out of not only their brand, but their life.

Rogerio Peixoto says:

I love the clarity in this message. Only someone who's been in the trenches to that extent, and for that long, could convey so much in so little time. Keep helping us out, we appreciate it!

Kurt Blakenship says:

bobby borg is the man. he was a business teacher i had at musicians institute, and actually gave me a life changing idea that literally doubled my income. it would behoove one to heed his advice.

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