Using Compression to Make Quiet Parts LOUDER

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TheAidanVogt says:

appreciate seeing someone using tudio one for teaching in a practical setting man. sure there are lots of training vids, but on this you se to show it in a different way and makes it easier to understand

TheAidanVogt says:

you love studio one mate, admit it. hhahaha

Brian Buckalew says:

Yeah Joe, I just put out my first CD using PreSonus Studio One to master in utilizing the “Project” interface. I recorded and mixed everything down in ProTools but was really pleased at what Studio One was able to do and how easy it was to work in. Being able to see all of my tracks laid out in front of me on one timeline and move them around by drag-n-drop was very helpful and all of the tools I needed where right there in-the-box. Thumbs up to PreSonus Studio One!

HomeStudioCorner says:

Just seeing what StudioOne is like for an album project.

Smurf431 says:

Studio One & Reaper kick ProTools rear is SO many ways it is not even funny!

I just “updated” to PT MP9 from 7.1 and…it is still average. the only thing PT had going for it was it’s tight integration with it’s hardware, but with today’s systems that is almost a null point…

Studio One & Melodyne Integration…can it get ANY better than that! Yes…Mastering Section….

MultiColdHeart says:

send you email sorry it been a wild been gone

-D Moates- says:

I’m with ya Joe, I used to be a Pro Tools snob, but after I used Studio One at my friends studio and I was getting into it, then a few days later I found a guy at my school selling his Pro version for cheap so I got it and all the groove3 videos and now I’m loving it. I use a combo of that and Pro Tools 10 now. But recently I find myself using S1 more.

illCapBeats says:

u broke up with Pro Tools Joe….?? 🙂

videosongman says:

Yeah A video! Haven’t Seen one of these for a LOOOOooong Time Lol.

Marcioz Pollack says:


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