Tips for Using iZotope Neutron for Multi-Buss Mixing

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Close // A video on mixing with iZotope Neutron in a multi-buss mix setup.

Frequency ear training app: // EQ tutorial:


Rick Elliott says:

Always wondered if we could do that without having to automate everything painstakingly. This is much easier. I just bought the music production bundle and boy am I glad I did!

Cedric Black says:

Great video and tip. I just got Neutron. How are you processing the individual tracks? Other EQ and compression.
Or are you allowing Neutron to handle all of this on the bus mix?

Jan Minor says:

Nice tip, definitely going to try it!

Adam Warlock says:

Do you listen to Incubus by any chance? This has got a Summer Romance vibe to it.

Will Gaines says:

I totally see what you're saying about not putting it on individual tracks, however I do like to put it on my bass instruments (kick, bass, keys, etc.) mainly to use the masking meter. It really helps me to be able to see what frequencies are being masked in the low-end spectrum and carve out space for each instrument.

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