The Mix Template Series — Effects (Part 7)

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Download the mix templates ➥ // In this final part, David Glenn shows off his effects sends that make using a template a valuable time-saving tool. // Mixing with effects tutorials:


The Pro Audio Files says:

Please leave a comment if you have any questions. Also, don't forget to thumbs up if you've enjoyed the series 🙂

Sochi Ella says:

hi David Glenn u are indeed a blessng,my name is Iyke from Nigeria and i want to say that listening to you mix has really changed the way i see mixing and approach production and i want to say thanks also am a studio one3 guy am looking forward to the time when the mix template for studio one3 will be ready onces more thanks and God bless.

Anatara Music says:

David looking forward to mixing with you great series so far Thank you for taking the time . Winnie

0nick4708 says:

great series!

Tracy Lowery says:

Hi Glenn, Thanks for the video…I tried to get the free template after registering but got no reply or link for download. Is it free or do I have to pay?

jonnytables says:

Love the series! Do you currently or will you in the future have a mixing video where you mix and EDM and/or Hip Hop track using this template shoeing how you go about using the template differently then your rock stuff etc.

stupidusername38 says:

good stuff, I'll keep my eye out for the template

Leon Knorr says:

Hi. I have a question. Are all of your faders/ sends Pre or Post? Thanks so much.

Rodrigo Oliva says:

Thank you very much for this video series, David, i really enjoy and learn watching your mix template. Greetings from Perú.

Hugo Braham says:

That was a great tutorial. Thank you!

stupidusername38 says:

Hi Dave, is the Studio one 3 mix template nearly ready?

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