The All-Important Static Mix | Mix Together [3]

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Shannon Standridge says:

Hey Joe! Have you ever used Pink Noise to get a basic static mix, and if so, would you mind sharing your experience or maybe do a comparison video of your normal process versus using Pink Noise? Love everything thing you do! Thanks

Alfred Wennberg says:

When you turn down the actual audio and they get that ugly faded look I usually just mark them all and hit bounce selection and it gets fixed. Is there anything wrong with this?

Produccuionesmtp says:

It's AC/DC's TNT, and they do sound similar!!

Jack Bruce says:

Awesome song! Love the mix and I think your vocals are great! Did someone teach you to sing? Wish I was that good!

Joe Guitar says:

This song is so much fun listening to. Even in my static mix 😉

Rob Burgess says:

Hey Joe, watching you checking phase/polarity here and on the previous vid makes me wonder: have you ever tried Auto Align by Sound Radix? I'm quite enamored of it 🙂


OK, I am totally confused. If you already did Gain Staging, WHY would your master fader be clipping at this point? Also, other than adjusting the volume at the fader with relation to other tracks, why would you have to change the "Pre Fader" signal?? I thought this was done during the Gain Staging faze.

Carlos Sound says:

Hi Joe, thanks for ALL YOUR HELP AND SHARING THRICKS AND TIPS first of all, excuse my poor english.
I want to know just in case you save room for it, how many db's will you keep for mastering afterwards, some people say leave at least from 3 to 6db before zero so there's room for mastering, some people just don`t, what is your goal for it. Thank you

nilansh gaur says:

Hi Joe, This is an Awesome Song and an Amazing Series Btw. Anyways, I Have two Questions, First is, should the Static Mixing be Done in Mono as a Rule of Thumb and Secondly what's Your Take On Panning in Mono. Thanks.

John Thompson says:

Hey Joe. This is something that has been bugging me after watching a lot of mixing vids: It seems that everyone is keeping the DI bass and including it in the mix despite there being a mic'd bass cab track (or even a sim). Both tracks are also stereo signals, so I get why you need to adjust for phasing on them. But why include the DI track at all? Why does anyone do this? I understand this is more important if you're using a sim, just in case you want/need to change the sim for whatever reason, but after you find something that works, why keep the DI signal and incorporate it in the mix? Seems even less necessary if you've got yourself a mic'd bass cab recording.
Btw, this question isn't just for Joe if anyone else wants to chime in with why or how they approach bass.
Thanks for the vid Joe, and this series in particular!

jsenadenos says:

Do you ever find that you have problems hitting your compressors at the right input level because you have adjusted the clip gain down too low?

Zach Dufrene says:

You're thinking of "TNT" by AC/DC.

Larry Horning says:

Couldn't you set all your faders to k-scale zero and adjust levels with gain?

Braeden Lane says:

AC/DC For Whom the Bell Tolls??? Come on Joe! Don't you know your Metallica from your AC/DC?? 😛

Great vids man. Thanks for doing this

Joao Henrique says:

I am a headbanger !…I was a teenager when Heavy Metal appeared
.. When I think about music, I imagine a big powerful drum sound, riffs and guitar solos…But I have to admit that you, are a big, great, song writer Joe. You deserved much more credits and recognition… Thanks for all your help to produce my music…

gutpileman says:

your static mix is better that my mix already. Time to start over. Need to spend more time with gain staging and static mix.

Lakshay Kukreja says:

The first 19 seconds of the video creeped the hell out of me!

Anyway! Great video, Joe! You touched a lot of important things that are to be considered while doing a static mix, but are easily skipped.

Phil Salter says:

My first thought when hearing you mix was 'WOW, those tracks do sound really good before you've applied any plugins at all!' I know a lot of that comes from good mic choice/intelligent mic placement. Could you do a little supplementary video explaining what mics you used and how it was recorded? I think it'd really help.

Thanks for what you do!

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