Songwriting Tips: How to use the 7 Modes in your Songwriting!

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In this lesson I introduce you to the 7 modes and how they range from bright to dark. A mode is a scale like Major and Minor. However, there are different gradations of Major and Minor that create different moods. Songwriters can write songs in different modes.

The modes are Lydian, Ionian, Mixolydian, Dorian, Aeolian, Phrygian, and Locrian.

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Orchestrator1 Jazz Line says:

Forget that, Your right it's F7 , I worked it out.

Orchestrator1 Jazz Line says:

Should not the 4th step in C Dorian scale be F min7
instead of F7

Janet B says:

This was the best explanation of modes I've ever seen. Thank you! Your technique of using the same starting note and organizing them from light to dark is brilliant! It made me really understand them from a more musical perspective. Your videos are terrific – keep up the good work!

darthboxOriginal says:

Nice video. I found that analysis of the modes helpful and interesting! Have subscribed

IP says:

I dont like these modes explanations in this manner cuz they still fail to clarify what degree of the scale they start on. Just say Dorian is the 2nd degree of a major scale and so on, then everyone can learn relative intervals and copy paste the idea onto every other scale. !!!

Maikel Versantvoort says:

Thanks a lot, very well explained! 🙂

sw247 X says:

This is explained so well, finally got my head around this modes stuff. Excellent and much thanks RW Studio!!!

bluesovietmoose says:

Are…are you…Leafy?

Ankit says:

Just love Your Work ….Love From India 🙂

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