Quest for Peaches | GilderCam [39]

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Home Studio Corner:


Stick Men says:

I just wanted to see something about peaches.

Sam Knaak says:

I grew up on a Peach Farm. Reedley California! Nothing beats Reedley peaches 🙂 Knaaks' Berry Farm 😉

The Rocker says:

lol,, You wanted Peaches 😀 did you get them ? "Buy a peach a man will eat one that day… Show him how to grow a peach tree, a man will have peaches all year round,,, " lol

Jerry McKenzie says:

I love me some peaches

mario Cazares says:

Authentic, thanks for being an inspiration Joe!

stereolaunch says:

♫♫ "So, tell me what you want – what you really really want!" ♪♬

ssobiech says:

Joe, I love your videos, very insightful. Thank you!

BKGuttenfelder says:

I watch Gildercam, cuz I see you as a friend now… I feel this vlog has given me a completely different perspective on who you are & it keeps me coming back daily!

Nadeem Merchant says:

Movin' to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches.

Joe V says:

pathetic perhaps, but is helpful to know you struggle (and keep going in spite of it!) and need to remember the mission, etc … thanks!

Radical Mixes says:

ah man peaches.. i live in western colorado. it is the orchard part of the state. we dont get peaches till august. im jealous.

Brian Fields says:

Music and emotion are great memory tools.

Mason Perkins says:

This episode hit me square between the eyeballs. And! I just happened to be eating a peach.

Gareth McNicol says:

It's probably been asked before but what's the tattoo on your arm?

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