Producer Dave Cobb – Pensado’s Place #335

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Great times visiting and talking with the prolific Producer, Dave Cobb. Tune in as we meet him at his studio and talk all things music!

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Christoffer Dahl says:

The two coolest Daves in the coolest room.

floyd robinson says:

The arcanic organic, nice perspective nice painting , dinner is cooked in one session not 50

Mr.Moose says:

Very good episode. Fully agree on everything that was said about committing. Thanks, you guys!

djrbfm says:

as a 68 year old, i've experienced all the main types/styles of recording. from live, no click, to modern registration with everything under the microscope. nothing will work unless the vox/melody is in spirit. j.

djrbfm says:

to both daves………..excellent. j.

My Chef says:

im so glad to see your still going. its positive informative and really the better side of the industry.

Nathan Sousa says:

Fantastic! Learned a lot watching this. Thanks for posting.

Dharma Child says:

Awesome! Keep it up guys!

Alan Rich says:

Great interview!

Sonicology Records says:

Great chat thanks, Commit, and definitely pulling the JJP vox plug out more often.

Athuai Rush says:

great interview/chat! thank you guys for all you're doing! peace…

Diego Oliveira says:

Wow! That’s the man!

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