Plugin Over Load

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kjell159 says:

I have mixed a song with plugins that have no GUI.
And also I mixed a song without plugins. (only volume/panning + automation)

TranceElevation says:

Aaaaah that you mean…
I thought you were gonna talk about delay compensation 🙂

Anyway, I definitely agree here. Use the essential and be productive.

GolBeatsPro Amaral Fortes says:

What About Bus Compressors? Can’t we do the ”glue efect” with the Stock

GolBeatsPro Amaral Fortes says:

I took a lot of time to discover that, it can be sometimes very annoying to
use a plugin just becouse u have it and not becouse the song needed it…
Good One Dezz Asante… ;)

David Komel says:

Can’t stress this stuff enough. Starting to get my “ears” back and exactly what you’re talkin’ ’bout has been the key. If you do nothing else, LEARN how to use your native stock plugins well, then move on to the other toys… Thanks for pushing this out there, Bro!

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