– Pensado’s Place – #29 – Jimmy Douglass

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Dave is joined by Four-time GRAMMY winning recording engineer and record producer, Jimmy Douglass, in the 29th episode of Pensado’s Place! This week’s ITL features Dave giving you tips on how to use Gate’s in non-traditional ways to get cool results, and Jimmy sticks around to answer Dave’s rapid-fire questions in this week’s Batter’s Box, as well as surprises dave with a “The Senator” compressor as a gift! From jimmydouglass.com… “In the early 1970′s at Atlantic Records studios in New York City, he started his studio career as a part-time tape duplicator while still attending high school. There he learned how to operate the studio’s custom made 16-channel console and observed, was trained by, as well as worked with some of the greatest engineers, producers and record moguls including Tom Dowd, Arif Mardin, Jerry Wexler and Ahmet Ertegun. For his first time behind the faders, he was encouraged by Wexler to engineer the session recording for a demo of a new band. He went on to work with great Atlantic Recording artists such as Aretha Franklin, Hall & Oates, Roberta Flack, Donny Hathaway, Foreigner, Led Zepellin and AC/DC to name a few. During the 1980′s, Douglass continued to hone his engineering skills while also taking on the role as producer. He engineered and produced established artists including The Rolling Stones, Slave, Odyssey, Roxy Music and Gang of Four. In 1994, he began working with up and coming contemporary R&B/hip hop producer Timbaland and served as his


bigdap100 says:

I wonder what that 2 Bus Thingie sounds like…really good I bet.

seaweedmusic says:

Yeah, I’m not embarrassed. Maybe you are?

I just wanted to see more focused content when i wrote this, and BTW this show has come a LONG way since i wrote this.
The more recent episodes are much better. Probably because of guys posting critiques. Sorry your feelings are so delicate.

jimmyrich1 says:

22:15 Jimmy is about to say something but never got to to finish, I really wanted to hear what he was getting too.

PeacedBeats says:



Dave or Jimmy?
Either way you should be 🙂

TheShaunRyan says:

Seems to me there are those that want to be spoon fed and those that want to learn how to use their cutlery and eat what they want. This show is for the latter, which are you?

TheShaunRyan says:

@seaweedmusic Seems to me there are those that want to be spoon fed and these that want to learn how to use their cutlery. This show is for the latter.

Marcus Salvary says:

this is my uncle i am so proud of him

AlSween says:

I feel like I know what I’m doing and still F up every mix I do lol

Pulse2AM says:

These shows are so good, just when I don’t think they can top the prior episodes they do!

BayanTheOne says:

classic Batter’s Box, so far Jimmy’s been the most undemanding engineer in terms of gear preferences, so it’s probably not so much about what you got, but what you can do with it

BayanTheOne says:

Mr. Trawick, Taipei IS Taiwan, its the Taiwanese capital city LOL

Wes3455 says:

Gated signal generator. #Dope

MrNytn2001 says:

all this mpc and keyboard beat oriented pop dance trance r&b stuff is being recorded at the artists home on a 44.1 khz demo that is burnt to a cd printed from a DAW that could burn the disc at 96k! all before they ever set foot in a pro studio. so all they really want nowadays is mastering type stuff from a mix engineer. the sound the artists wanted was EQ’d by the artist on their home DAW already!

MrNytn2001 says:

Stephen Marcussen … please!

TheGraal says:

Great episode!
I have to mention that I didn’t have a role model until this show came along!
Dave you rock!

All the best to you and yours!
Alex Muntean.

troelsbk says:

I dont think you get the point of the show then. the nuts and bolts you can go find yourself, pensado’s place offers perspective for all levels of experience. i would like to see the guests go a bit heavier technically as well, it’d be nice to see more of them on ITL. But their philosophical and conceptual approaches are the most interesting thing about the show to me.

Noone is going to break new ground just by watching this show, they all do variations of the same thing.

TheVisitor3 says:

Thank you! So true!

halalabad says:

oh and sarm west is right next to my home. it belongs to the legendary Trevor Horn, the man who really pioneered sampling at such an early time (art of noise / malcolm mclaren). metropolis still exists but I think it may have moved. Great to hear the top guys having such a high regard for the music here in UK. 1 Love

halalabad says:

I’m so grateful for all these great videos. Please could you interview Eddie Sancho or someone from the (now closed) D&D studios in NY (home of DJ Premier & where a lot of historic hip hop was recorded & mixed & had a very unique sound).
Thanks again, this is a proucer/engineer’s dream come true

Dajabbybaby says:

Wow, This is soo useful… pensado’s place help me to start my day; and start mixing and if i’m tired; i watch again to continue… Thanks to all the team.

5sbay says:

Guys,You rock!!!Really.You may have changed a lot of “debutant” engineer life,i’m pretty sure about that!I know,I may be late for this but this one with Mr. “The Senator” was a really good show!Thank you for that.

tinkerbellxox1 says:

hii. look at my jb leaked cliip i found on my profiIe

glue33090 says:

And Jimmy Douglas, an absolute genius

glue33090 says:

Thanks again Dave! Always great to hear your knowledge

genix420 says:

like always great show!!

lespaul2550 says:

What a great and humble guest. Loved this episode (and all the others too). Thanks for the show!!!!

AbstraKtVA says:

for those of yall talkin down on the show, this IS NOT FOR U. these dudes put out alotta knowledge even in their small talk. for those of yall actually in the industry, i kno yall can appreciate every piece of these shows. ive been thru audio school and worked outta plenty studios and Dave still manages to expand on my thoughts so these shows are appreciated. Thank u Pensado for teaching those who are willing to learn!!!!

ryrayer says:

Longer ITL sections please! Show is just awesome!

YDKTV says:

would like to see more ITL gents, 40 mins ITL and 20 mins chat. Id like to see the guest do ITL’s

mthomas246 says:

UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! Dave you rock!!! What a great show..Keep up the great work.. 🙂


another great episode ! A must see for Engineers , Thx Guys !!

TheRMPman says:

Wow. what a great Episode.. Cant thank you enough.. Loved the ITL as well… talk about thinking outside the box… Thanks again guys!

MonkMusicMonk says:

@seaweedmusic I think you are the only prissy princess here. These guys are on the top of their game. Dave is doing a show once a week f FOR FREE giving us all invaluable information. If you can´t improove you´re mixing/producing, if you don´t get inspired by all these living legends I just feel sorry for you.
Dave could make DVDs and sell these shows and I´m sure he´d sell a lot….but he has decided to give it away FOR FREE……
so please do me a favour and stop moaning about the show.

MonkMusicMonk says:

Thank you for another great show !

starboy2013 says:

yeah I agree to a point however I do find it interesting just to hear these guys talk about their experience.Every now and then someone says something which I learn a lot from.I think because they are drawing from years of experience they offer some rare insight.but yes I do agree sometimes it just gets a bit slow.

starboy2013 says:

The thing about 1 person wearing so many hats is true, you loose your diversity that you would get with 4 people looking at it.

fangaz32 says:

i think they should use a viewer submitted session file to show how to deal with some “common” issues that someone not recording in a million dollar studio would face. this would lead to future show topics because it couldn’t be done in one episode, especially not when a majority of the time is filled with interviews (which i still do appreciate), instead of more of the ITL section. maybe just lengthening the ITL time could even help more. my $0.02. love me or hate me. Thanks Dave

DeneGM says:

Hello Dave, i want to ask you a question:
Reverb for vocals should be mono or stereo? how is better? Great show with Jimmy Douglass, thanks for everything, you guys are great !
Greetings from Spain !

boogiewizzard says:

Great great great!

rinotah says:

what about some PROTOOLS 9 to germany!

fiddlefolk says:

i really enjoyed Jimmy’s idea of what is going on in the digital vs analog world! It is the current world we live in but i’m not sure i like it!

pedro blanco says:

Jimmy just seem to be the coolest guy:) encore une fois, great show!

meli55aa says:

oh yeah. thanks. firefox seems to reduce the volume on everything.

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