For the entire month of May, I will be posting a mixing video tutorial each day, 31 videos total. Each video will be around 5 minutes and will give you a tip or technique to help you get better mixes in your home studio right now! Subscribe to the channel and follow the action on the blog:
Check out “The Hackers Guide To Drum Recording” Here’s an excerpt from my home studio tour that features my RET Percussion drum kit. A demonstration of the Haas Effect. What is it? How can I use it? I roll off the low end on almost EVERY track in my mixes! Let me tell you why… The New Confusion on FaceBook I felt the need to express my sincere gratitude to Will, Drew, Herb and Dave for the amazing work they are doing at Pensado’s Place! This is required viewing for any aspiring audio engineer or home studio enthusiast. Keep up the great work boys! – In this video I show you how to use QuickPunch in Pro Tools. Like what you see? Sign up for the Home Studio Corner Newsletter
Check out “Understanding EQ” – In this video I show a quick trick I learned a while back to help me learn EQ
Check out “The Production Club 2.0” – register here for the free webinar “7 Home Studio Obstacles” – This free video was brought to you by Joe Gilder of Home Studio Corner