This is Episode 2 part B. In this lesson I will talk about how to mix a rhythm section and things to think about when you’re making a mix. The song I am using is called “Breaking Away” by Max Rougier watch Episode 1 for more details about his song. I am using Garageband 09 but the mixing tips & concepts will apply to all multi track recordings.
Top mixing engineer Tony Maserati shares his vision on mixing Pop, R&B and Hiphop classics. Part 4/4 For more info, go to
Bout to mix the Guitars On A Song We Have Done………Got my homegirls here wit us acting goofy…. This is a tutorial on how to setup the Axiom series keyboard in Cubase. Please comment, rate and subscribe! And check out my boys “Mechanical Hound” on their Myspace! Representing Maine! In this Cubase 6 tutorial Danny J Lewis (Defected, Enzyme Black) explores some of the creative possibilities of Vari Audio. Adjusting the pitch of a vocal part in real-time to create a modern R&B/Garage flavour. For more advanced Cubase tutorial videos head to our 8 week Cubase level 2 course Please subscribe to our channel to get all the latest music production videos from our team of pro producers and add this as a favourite if you like it!
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Nick Trikakis from Apogee Digital interviews with Daddy Kev at his newly-built mastering studio in the Eagle Rock neighborhood of Los Angeles. Topics include Kev’s use of Apogee products over the years, as well as a detailed walkthrough of his mastering process. Filming and editing by Michael Adrian. Perry Lawrence reports from Las Vegas NAB Convention – The Apogee MIC is a fully digital and rivals mics costing a LOT more. This simply attaches to your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac and you get digital audio in. Perfect for podcasting and VO work. http So I got a chance to try out EZ Mix 2. I used the Raw files from a Feared song called Four and started from scratch. For drums I’m using Superior 2.0 Contents: Unprocessed Mix – Rhythm Guitars – Bass Guitar – Clean Guitar – Lead Guitar – Vocals – Drums – Master Output – Thanks to Toontrack for letting me try their product. And thanks to Scott Griggs for the amazing voice! Find EZ Mix 2 at
host, Dave Weiner, software, Toontrack, http