While in New York, Gearwire got the chance to talk to super-producer Jack Joseph Puig. Puig has produced records for a wide range of artists that you might have have heard of including Bette Middler, Fergie, Snow Patrol, No Doubt, and Green Day. In this video, Jack Joseph talks about the roles and interrelations of luck, material, and skill when it comes to getting where he is and getting good sound out of a record. We did not, however, get a chance to find out where he got that incredible jacket.
Jack Joseph Puig discusses his prolific career in the music industry, as a multi-GRAMMY Award winning Engineer / Producer. Tune into The 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards, Sunday February 12, at 8/7c.
Jack Joseph Puig has some invaluable advice for new producers and bands alike. Coming from a Grammy winning producer, this is something that should definitely be taken to heart. To sum it up, Jack Joseph says that an artist should never, under any circumstances, produce his or her own album – doing so, according to Mr. Puig’s extended metaphor would be … well, you do the math. This is a definite must see for bands, producers, or anyone who wants to have their hand in on the production of a record.
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