A connection between a classical puzzle about rational numbers and what makes music harmonious.
►► Create radio-worthy songs from your bedroom. Download my FREE Radio Ready Guide and learn my 6 step process → http://RadioReadyGuide.com One of the easiest ways to bring life, energy, and dynamics into your mixes is through volume automation. By systematically going through your tracks and riding the volume up or down where needed you can create drama, depth, and power into an otherwise flat and 2D mix. Today I want to show you a simple example of how I used volume automation on some guitars to make the hook of a song hit hard.
TesseracT has a refreshing approach to time signatures, so in this music theory lesson, you’ll learn their hacks to liberate your chord progressions from 4/4. But first… Tea! ►Free eBook: https://RevolutionHarmony.com/Books ►Apprenticeship Course: https://RevolutionHarmony.com/Apprenticeship ►Songwriting & Producing PDF: https://RevolutionHarmony.com/Books ►Listen to “Sonder” at: https://www.TesseractBand.co.uk TesseracT band photos by Steve Brown Creative We’re gonna focus on the theory behind their lead single Luminary from their new masterpiece of an album, Sonder. TesseracT are renowned for perfectly balancing the artistic with the accessible, resulting in incredibly intelligent and creative songs, that are also super catchy! And this is why they appeal to [More]
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Besides my rant on how people get things wrong with Music Theory this video is also on some of the things that you are missing if you don’t use music theory right or forget to check out important parts. When you study Jazz or Jazz Guitar then music theory is a part of what you need and what you want to learn, but you want to go about it the right way. Most of the things I talk about in here are mistakes or problems that you run into if your approach to music theory is very superficial. Hopefully I [More]
Building a session from scratch Get started with composing, recording, editing, and mixing music with a free version of Pro Tools, the industry’s most trusted and used DAW. Download your free copy of Pro Tools | First at http://www.avid.com/ptfirst.
►► Create radio-worthy songs from your bedroom. Download my FREE Radio Ready Guide and learn my 6 step process → http://RadioReadyGuide.com What does it take to make it in the music industry as a musician and songwriter? And how do you sustain a career for 60+ years?! Today’s interview with Grammy winning musician and songwriter Duane Hitchings will inspire you, encourage you, and motivate you to make music. In this conversation we cover: – How to prepare for opportunity – The 2 keys to longevity in the music business – How he wrote a hit song by joking around – [More]
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