Songwriting and Playing Tips: DADGAD Tuning
Alicia Keys sat down to take part in our songwriter profile video interview series LINER NOTES. In the interview, the pop superstar tells us how she draws inspiration for her best songs, how the meaning of her songs and lyrics evolve over time, and the satisfaction she gets from her songs having different significance to people all around the world. Alicia Keys “Girl On Fire” lyrics: More Alicia Keys lyrics: See more at
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This week’s guest is audio engineer and Future’s right hand man, Seth Firkins. Seth is known for engineering songs for major artists such as Rihanna, JAY-Z, and Gucci Mane. Tune in as we talk all things music in our 329th episode! Pensado Awards 4 Website: Subscribe to our channel:… Please ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’: Get your copy of The Pensado Papers: Category Entertainment License Standard YouTube License
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HEAVY METAL GUITAR LESSON – Songwriting Tips and Ideas
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