In this chapter you will learn how to set up your audio devices.
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Chance The Rapper has been able to grow his fanbase to unprecedented success. Here’s 7 steps to how he did it! – – – – – – – – – – – — – – – – This is the second installment of Music Marketing and Branding: For Artists looking to grow their following and control their own career.
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In this tutorial, aimed at beginner and intermediate Pro Tools users, we take a look at a variety of keyboard and workflow shortcuts including: Trim clip start to cursor Trim clip end to cursor Fade In Fade Out Crossfade Creating reverb sends Displaying and editing automation lanes Adding automation breakpoints at the same level as the next or previous Repeat paste to fill selection Common uses of the Option, Shift and Command keys Mac vs Windows modifiers: Command = Control Option = Alt Control = Start Shift = Shift
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