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Fortnite, Black Mirror, Blockers . . . Just a few of the hit projects this week’s guest has worked on. Welcome to the Place, Jason LaRocca! Jason LaRocca Bio: Rocker-turned-engineer, Jason LaRocca is known as the singer/guitarist of acclaimed punk band, The Briggs. By the age of eighteen, the Los Angeles native had also become a full-fledged producer and recording engineer. Having worked with the gamut of movie studios, he has recorded and mixed music for such major motion pictures as Paddington, The Accountant, Life, Geostorm, Snowden, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, and Joy. In his true multi-faceted style, Jason not only [More]
Ever felt completely helpless and all on your own when it came to writing your own music? Maybe you want a backing track to play a ripping guitar solo or you’re a vocalist with an idea but just can’t seem to get the right chords to back your idea up? Cubase offers insanely creative tools which make it easy for you to start creating music straight up. The most advanced music compositional tools in the world have to be the Cubase Chord track and Chord pads. Don’t be put off by the “advanced” tag. It’s the easiest way to make [More]
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In this Q&A episode Greg Ondo discusses useful tips and tricks on working with processed and real-time fade ins, fade outs and crossfades. Learn how to apply crossfades in Cubase, one of the best DAW software applications for professional music production in the studio or at home. We hope you find this video entertaining and useful. If you like what you see, please leave a comment and tell us what you think. Thank you. Your Steinberg YouTube Team Check out the trial version of Cubase and lay hands on the exciting features Cubase has to offer: https://www.steinberg.net/en/products/steinberg_trial_versions/cubase.html Get more detailed [More]
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Este es el primero de una serie de Video Tutoriales que haré en el cual mezclo una canción de principio a fin, y la preparo para ser enviada a Masterizar. Les daré tips, consejos y herramientas que me han servido personalmente a la hora de mezclar y les enseñare la manera en la que trabajo al igual que el proceso que sigo para tener los mejores resultados. Este video tutorial cubre: Orden y Estructuración de la Sesión. Subgrupos y Routeo de Pistas. Limpieza de Frecuencias en los tracks. Filtros (HPF – LPF) y Ecualización Correctiva. Cámara de Video: Sony a6300 [More]
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