Today’s guest is Grammy-nominated Producer/Mixer/Engineer Dana Nielsen. Dana’s credits range from artists including Bob Dylan, to Kanye West, to Adele and many more. Tune in as Dana tells us of his introduction to music through the saxophone. Enter our latest mix competition with Indaba Music: Sign Up for Pensado’s Village: Subscribe to our channel:… Please ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’: Get your copy of The Pensado Papers: Category Entertainment License Standard YouTube License
This week’s guest is Global Vice President of A&R for all of Warner Music Group’s labels, including Atlantic Records and Warner Bros. Records. Since joining Warner Music Group, he has delivered hit singles for Jason Derulo, Flo Rida, David Guetta, and many more. Tune in as we get up close and personal with Aton Ben-Horin!
Cubase – Pro Audio Engineer’s Opinion and Hints. DAW. How to Choose DAW. Digital Audio Workstation. Cubase 9. Steinberg. VST. VSTi. MIDI. Mixer. Editing. Recording. Music Writing. Cubase Review. Cubase VST32. Cubase SX. Cubase SX3. Cubase 5. Cubase 8. Cubase 8.5 Pro Tools. Cool Edit Pro. How to Setup workspace. Inserts. Faders. Sends. How to Edit in Cubase. Events. Fade In. Fade Out. Mouse Wheel. How to Listen to the Sound. How to Do Comparison. AB Comparison. How to Make Your Own Template. How to Organize a Mixer. How to Speed Up Mixing. Post Fader. Prefader. Cubase Channel Strip. Native [More] — Learn how to manipulate shape, tone, and dynamics: Matthew Weiss takes the mystery out of compression and teaches you what it is, what it sounds like, how to use it and how it’ll take your mixes to the next level. — About Mixing with Compression: *Use compression to shape your sounds* Want to make a sound punchier? softer? rounder? sharper? Matthew shows you how to shape sounds with compression. *Use compression to manipulate tone* Hear before and after examples of how compression can make sounds appear brighter, darker, closer, further away, etc. *Use compression to control dynamics* Want [More]
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Instant access to every in-depth mixing course from Matthew Weiss: Mixing with EQ: Frequency ear training: How to use EQ to negotiate the relationship between an 808 and low sub rumble as well as general philosophy on static vs moving mixes aka letting the mix adjust to the arrangement. — Transcript: Hey, folks. Matthew Weiss here. Please don’t mind the bed in the back, I have some guests who are staying, so welcome to their bedroom! Anyway, I have some sad news. Unfortunately, I think that it’s time that I retire the www part of my intro. [More]
►► Overwhelmed by EQ when mixing? Just download my FREE 7 Step EQ Checklist → No matter how awesome your bass sounds in your studio monitors or headphones it needs to sound great in the real world. And what do lots of people listen to music on in the real world? Crappy laptop and phone speakers that put out absolutely zero low end! So that the last thing you want is for your bass to disappear when someone fires up your song on their iPhone or laptop while they are working or surfing the web. Today I’m going to [More]