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Hey guys! After an amazing response to my first template, many of you requested a new one using Waves plugins instead of stock. I went back to the drawing board and designed a completely new template, mixing an actual hip hop session start to finish with my most-used plugins – Waves Gold and SSL4000 bundles. I then meticulously matched the specs across Logic Pro X, Cubase and Pro Tools to achieve the same results, no matter what DAW you’re using. Enjoy 🙂 Download: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Soundcloud:
Aqui les dejo un tutorial basico de como empesar a utilizer el programa pro tools. Espero les guste el video, mas videos vendran pronto de mas tutoriales. Para apoyarme o hacer donacion entren a La parte 2 de el tutorial esta en mi canal se titula igual que este pero dice 2 Para apoyarme, contactarme o comprar librerias y otros productos visiten mi pagina
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