Mixing with Compression Tutorial

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http://learncompression.com — Learn how to manipulate shape, tone, and dynamics: Matthew Weiss takes the mystery out of compression and teaches you what it is, what it sounds like, how to use it and how it’ll take your mixes to the next level.

About Mixing with Compression:

*Use compression to shape your sounds*

Want to make a sound punchier? softer? rounder? sharper? Matthew shows you how to shape sounds with compression.

*Use compression to manipulate tone*

Hear before and after examples of how compression can make sounds appear brighter, darker, closer, further away, etc.

*Use compression to control dynamics*

Want louder vocals? More controlled bass? Punchier drums? We’ll show you how to get there.

*Find the best attack and release times*

We’ll teach you how to set your goal, listen critically, and shape the envelope of a sound with the best attack and release times.

*Create a blend with parallel compression*

Learn how to fine tune your sound by blending heavy processing into a dry signal to create the perfect tonal blend.

*Know which type of compressor to use*

FET, VCA, Optical and more. Learn about different types of compressors/limiters including history and ideal applications.


Hey folks. Matthew Weiss, weiss-sound.com, theproaudiofiles.com. I’m a mix engineer. I’ve been mixing for over a decade.

Some clients include Ronnie Spector, Uri Caine, Arrested Development, Snoop Dogg, Dizzee Rascal, Gift of Gab, and more. I’ve mixed a lot of records.

One thing I used to struggle with is compression. I think every engineer, as they’re learning struggles with compression, I think even experienced engineers struggle with compression because there are so many possibilities and things you can do with compression that it becomes overwhelming.

In Mixing with Compression, we’ll get rid of the mystery and break it down into what the theoretical and technical means of compression are and how it affects sonic shape.

Sonic shape is the crux of everything; it’s understanding attack, decay, sustain, release, and how that relates to tone, texture and emotion. Then putting all that foundational understanding into practical application and going through lead vocals, drums, bass, percussion, even the whole mix.

Once we understand the theory and get some of the tacit knowledge and practice, then compression no longer seems mysterious.


sad-ako says:

I too sometimes struggle with compression. sometimes its hard to find the threshold to get out of studio chair

Jake Niemi says:

You do sound very experienced. Love how granular you seem to be, about emotion, tone and the effects of compression. I'm a compression fanatic but I don't often hear guys making the connection between emotion and tone specifically. Kudos for that!! The only small nitpick: No tutorial found here in a video labeled as such. Credibility is important when you're trying to sell something. So I would suggest renaming it. Perhaps, "Best sites for mixing with compression tutorials," or "Where to find tutorials for mixing with compression," or something along those lines. Either way, I'll check your site out anyway cuz you sound like you know your stuff… Cheers!

Joseph Di-lenardo says:

matt you sexy bastard is this good for beginners because i know nothing about compression and i am buying this in a couple months
thanks for the videos

David Guerrero says:

experienced engineers seem to struggle with p-pops too

Ginger Bakerino says:

i'm Sorry but i must tell you. i think you know how importart is the "first approach" when you show something to someone. you are presenting a course in a shitty t-shirt sitting in a messy room with nothing professional around you…man…maybe you are the most great mixing engineer in the world but what you show is completely opposite. unprofessional image. think about that. i don't want offend you but i want to focus a problem.

Brandon Kimble says:

All I know is Mixing Hip-Hop Vocals 2 was damn near the best bill I've ever spent. There aren't many products online that I cosign for but if your Mix Game is ass you NEED to grab that. As far as this joint, I'm gonna be honest. I'm only coppin it  because of the knowledge I gained from the last product.

soundeng1 says:

you should put examples of what your selling.

cadillacalldaylong says:

I see a lot of videos about compressions and yes the tutorials are good but im trying to see what most engineers to do trap music with the 808 bass and kick drum secrets like ky the engineer and jaycen Joshua type mixes show those types of secrets and you would probably make a ton of money with that video

The Pro Audio Files says:

DBoy0113 –

Our YouTube channel has tons of free mixing tutorials, and we'll continue to add more.

However, our premium tutorials are for when you want to really dive deep into one topic. It takes an incredible amount of a work for us to put them together, and so far our customers have noticed that and have had really great feedback on it.

DBoy0113 says:

Dam Matthew why can't you just do it for free

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