Mixing 101 – 3D Mixing – Moving things back and forth in stereo field

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Ünsal Özata says:

Useful mix tech! 3db is really changing life. What do you think about
“using reverbs” on same subject?

gcombes420 says:

this is not effecting stereo field your only raising the db making the
frequencies you turned up prominent because there over powering the other
frequencies in that range your not making them muddy because of some music
theory i forget what its called but it make it so it automaticly turns the
frequencies in that range down enough to not make them muddy

ahjteam says:

@oml1 Using reverb doesn’t move things back and forth depth wise, they only
give you a feel that the space around is bigger.

TrueReload14 says:

Okay so I have learned about depth by using a subtractive EQ, I’ve learned
about panning to move things horizontal but what about vertical how would
you move the freq. to physically be high and physically low? is it just a
simple EQ adjustment? I don’t fully understand

Kerman Rodríguez says:

Dude this is a very usefull tip, thanks!

KohuGaly says:

TNX a lot AHJ ….this little trick improved my mixes a ton… especially
bigger mixes with like 4 guitars and 5 keyboards and multivoice vocals
playing simultaneously… finally they don’t sound that “numbish”… I
personally were skeptic about automating volume, but automating just 3k…
that’s pure gold!!! You’ve opened my eyes (actually ears 😀 )!

gcombes420 says:

this is however important in all mixing of a track because it keeps the
sound clean and not fighting for room in a mix

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