Logic Pro: Routing Muiltiple Outputs of Ezdrummer | WinkSound

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Learn how to route the multiple outputs of the Ezdrummer plugin enabling you to mix each drum sound individually inside of Pro Tools 8.


Simon Magnusson says:

it helped me alot! thanks!

Ryan Medland says:

This has been a REAL help! Thanks so much! Subscribed!!!

WinkSound says:

Hi, thanks for watching! Glad to hear WinkSound video tutorials are helping out. Feel free to get in touch with any Music Production topics you would like to see covered in future videos.

WwEN1GM4wW says:

Dude Justin, thank you for showing all of your vids. You’re a great video editor btw, but especially thanks for showing how to get the AUX tracks to be shown as arrange tracks!! Total help out

ManwichFTW says:

I am using Logic Express 9.0 and I only seeing the option for Stereo Output.

SomecallmeJack says:

Excellent, thankyou very much for the tutorial. Because EZ drummer only has 8 outputs, what would you advise if you wanted to do this with one of the larger kits (e.g. the drumkit from hell expansion) that has more than 8 drums? Is it possible to get each drum on a separate channel?

MetalfanX1 says:

Is there anyway of getting more channells? I have metal heads and there are more than 8. Cheers

WinkSound says:

Hi, thanks for your question. To bounce individual channel just solo the track you want to export. Another option is to right click on the MIDI region you want to export and select “bounce in place”. This will create an audio bounce of the selection and place it on a new audio track.

Cesar Regino says:

So how do you BOUNCE or RECORD the individual tracks ?????? HELP !!!! THANX.

0aapo says:

im running logic pro 9, and when i select ezdrummer as an instrument it only shows the stereo output, no multi channel output at all. Please help me!

nentihaiudittu says:

damn, i can’t even find ezdrummer inside Logic Pro 9. I made sure they’re both running in 32-bit mode and the Audio Units Manager says that EzDrummer is succesfully installed, but it doesn’t show in my tracks. What am i doing wrong…

Iman Ismael says:

this really help a lot, but i have the same question as Benjiboi87 : “when I hit record and start playing a beat, everything is recorded on inst 1… help anyone ? it’s pretty annoying”

WinkSound says:

@AgapePRAISE Awesome! It’s always the simple things! Glad to know your up and running!

WinkSound says:

@AgapePRAISE Hi. When you open a new instance of EZdrummer on a channel make sure to choose the multi-out version of the plugin and not stereo or mono. This will ensure you have the multi-outs available. Let us know if this helps.

Benjiboi87 says:

Thanks for the explanation… everything comes out on all the aux’s, which is pretty cool… but the main issue is… how do you enable record on the aux tracks ?
when I hit record and start playing a beat, everything is recorded on inst 1… help anyone ? it’s pretty annoying

Benjiboi87 says:

go to preferences>audio unit manager>click on EZdrummer>reset and rescan>done
try that ?

henrygibsonmusic says:

@drmuzik260 Glad that worked for you… There’s not much written about UTM in relation to multiple outputs… I just happened to stumble on it myself and had to share! 🙂

Piano Man says:

– thank you thank you! that was just the answer to my dilemma!

WinkSound says:

Awesome. Glad to hear it worked out for you!

2128169 says:

Thank you for this…very clear and easy explanation ! I am using Logic Express 9 and it worked just the way you explained without any trouble…

Al jones says:

@WiNKsound I am using logic pro 9.0??? not the express versions what am I doing wrong?

WinkSound says:

Hi @deftonesfan192
Sounds like you have the Express version of Logic. It’s a bit limited in certain functions.
To access these parameters you need Logic Pro.

Al jones says:

So my instrument tracks in logic dont have the plus or minus buttons also in ezdrummer I dont have the multi track output option why is this? help I wanna set up my drums :*(

henrygibsonmusic says:

@crookedpinkies I had the same issue but read someplace about PREFERENCES > AUDIO and checking “Universal Track Mode.” Worked for me.

crookedpinkies says:

@WiNKsound no it’s the studio version. express comes in a different box.

WinkSound says:

Hi @crookedpinkies might be your using the Logic Express which sports a few less features than the full version.

Lesismore101 says:

you can do this in cubase

crookedpinkies says:

i’m not getting the multi-output option….just stereo and idk why. any help would be much appreciated

JonesBonesMicrophone says:

Thanks alot. Worked whit Addictive Drums also.

evan198719871987 says:

THANK YOU! You wouldn’t think it would be hard to find an answer to this simple question, but it was. That was until I found this video. Thank you for explaining this issue simply for us common folk :]

WinkSound says:

Yup. Sorry bro : (

kcmoviemkr says:

@WiNKsound – Yep…and I’m afraid I know what you’re going to say. Only avaiable in Logic Studio?

WinkSound says:

Hi @kcmoviemkr
Are you using Logic Express?

kcmoviemkr says:

Like your tutorial. Having a problem that you may have already answered somewhere in this string. After adding the plug-in…or when adding the plug-in, I only have a choice of Stereo. I don’t have the option to add multi-channel. I can then go into the EZ Drummer mixer and choose multi-channel, but it’s still not showing up in Logic. (No + or - button). Any ideas?

TheMichaelJoshua says:

Dude, when I load aux channels in my mixer in logic, the only inputs it recognizes are stereo, EX. EZ Drummer 3-4, 5-6, etc., but my multi out form EZ Drummer can only be heard through it’s primary channel, not the aux’s. What am i doing wrong?

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