Linearity: Definition

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This video explains how homogeneity and additivity, two attributes of a system, determine whether or not the system is linear. This video is one in a series …


SitWano says:

you art is bad and you should feel bad.

Hamza Nasir says:

ive been searching fr explanation,, n finally got one,, thankss

Mohamed el shenawy says:

really owesone..i didn’t understand it from my lectures and I understood it from here

Darryl Morrell says:

The math is often quite helpful when working with complex, real world systems.

George Papageorgakis says:

I wonder why professors in the universities make our lives hard with 10000 lines of mathematics while they can illustrate simple ideas like this in 2 lines…. meh Thanks!

DionysusAlmighty says:


bwiatrek says:


Devonjohnson33 says:

Thank you!

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