How Ed Sheeran Writes A Melody | Holistic Songwriting S1E3

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Does Ed Sheeran SOUND down-to-earth? Can we hear that he’s authentic just by how he writes a melody? Are there techniques you can use to sound more genuine and more honest? I think yes, and you’re about to find out why.

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Michelle Oltar says:

i would love to see your review of Hanson

Rafael Voss says:

So the music is a reflection of their personality. nice

Daughtryfan497 Trowbridge says:

How about how Chris Daughtry writes a melody?

Wobeert says:

Aye fuck you why cant adults have spongebob shower currents.

Matthew Olafson says:


Maxell Muldez says:

Please do Mariah Carey!

Paul Archer says:

What Ed Sheeran does Haha 😉 .Ed Sheeran was signed to Rocket Management (Elton John) since 2010 – before he had anything near you would consider fame. All his output is carefully controlled – he's got an entourage of people behind him.His songs are generally co-written, especially on his last record.He's worked with Max Martin for God's sake. As you say he (as in the whole group of people responsible for producing his output) 'tries to sound authentic' but his authenticity isn't quite as it seems. He may have a slightly different take on pop than alot (it is being replicated now though – Shaun Mendez etc.) but algorithms & formulaic blueprints are at play here also like most popular performers.

Alejandro Serrano says:

I just found a new mentor!!!!!!

Diego Coutinho says:

Amy Lee, Evanescence's songwriter, please!

Zebulon B says:

Your cameraman over exposed you at 1:25 forward. Get someone who can run a camera

Jordan Jamieson says:

Could you pleeeeeeaaase do a video on how Van Morrison writes songs!!!

Wons Ly says:

Lets not forget all the other songs that he borrows melodies from!

mandy says:

I dont know… Is not always about the image, look at Sia for example, she cancels her image so that people only listen to her voice and music and that seems to work for her.

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