Harmony Samuels – Pensado’s Place #131

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Dave and Herb are joined by record producer, composer, and songwriter Harmony Samuels (Ariana Grande, Chip, Fantasia, Chris Brown, Brandy, Keyshia Cole, Ne-Y…


Ben Tyreman says:

I just got my email in, I would love to win something by izotope. Also what’s that thing on your desk dave with the blue lights?

Shaun Barrett says:



shach7 says:

HIGHLY inspirational as a fellow Brit

MissAGbaby says:


MrKeyflo says:


SanctuarySound says:

Oh…I’d like to see Chuck Ainlay on here.

SanctuarySound says:

This show is awesome, I gotta say that this is my favorite episode. Not because of all the technical talk (which is always informative) but Harmony was the best guest. His laughing and smiling and energy is more inspiring than the nerdy tech talk, but even more inspiring is when he explained how he believes God puts people in your path to test you…amazing!

ovrdrm says:

is there an auto-like function?

Dynasty UK says:


RNBnSOUL says:

dude is such a good man! i wonder if he develops producers?

LaGrand Frazier says:

Really enjoyed this episode. A whole lot is in it as well. Great Job!!

Philip Philips says:

Dave… Herb? Another Level… Another Level.

JlDaBlackSuperman says:

Very Very Inspiring!!! Learn A Lot!!!!

dareeldealproduction says:


vhollund says:

You guys are so inspiring

vlogprocrastinando says:

amazing, this guy really knows his stuph

WaithakaEnt says:

Enjoyed this episode

Maleek Berry says:


cory keys says:

So inspiring! I just love the openness and humility of this guy! So much in this episode, definitely one of the top 10 in my book! Thank you Pensado’s Place!

Brandon Tijerina says:

One of the best episodes no doubt!

Benjamin Dyer says:

coolest guest yet! Go on the UK. Tottenham! Woop 🙂

Dave Whiffin says:

Great show. Thank you. Very inspirational.

FTMuisikTV says:

AWESOME EPISODE!!!!!! Please get JAMES FAUNTLEROY on the show now!!!!!!!!

Arthur Stone says:

Great show – thank you!

dajudgementday says:

4 WHAT ?

iamthemankobe says:

how can i find stomp the VK answer to daves question

Kombo Breaker says:

Lovin every bit. Herb my girl says you look like my dad Lon mcq from Kjlh lol

TheColonyRed says:

just wish i could win some.. off that wheel 😛

TheColonyRed says:

loved it! great guy!

jamenplz123 says:

This was so great! Thanks guys!

snoopdogg111000 says:

Can you please invite DJ Khalil in the studio?

Thomas Hester says:

Yes, he’s amazing, Fantasia & Ariana’s records were great

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